Thank you to the 2019 Reviewers for the Journal of Criminal Psychology (JCP)

Journal of Criminal Psychology

The publishing and editorial teams would like to thank the following, for their invaluable service as 2019 reviewers for this journal. We are very grateful for their contributions. With their help, the journal has been able to publish such high-quality articles:

Geraldine Akerman
Clare Allely
Cheryl Allsop
Thom Baguley
Samantha Balemba
Kirsty Bennett
Henriette Bergstrøm
Mark Blandford
Ashley Cartwright
Kim Caudwell
Ryanne Colbert
Jackie de Wet
Matt DeLisi
Melanie Escue
Claire Ferguson
Andrew Forrester
Bryanna Fox
Mark Heirigs
Maria Ioannou
Nicholas Kavish
Stephanie Kewley
Norair Khachatryan
Ardavan Khoshnood
Abbie Marono
Liam Marshall
Jane McCarthy
Evan McCuish
Sofia Persson
Claire Powell
Daniel Renfrow
Jason Roach
Nichola Tyler
Michael Vitacco
Enzo Yaksic
Carollyne Youssef
Carollyne Youssef