Lifelong learning in higher education: Webinar – 7 December 2022

Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

Lifelong Learning in Higher Education

Webinar – Wednesday 7 December 2023, 2.30pm - 3.30pm GMT

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Traditional boundaries for higher education institutions have become increasingly fluid as they try to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of a globalized world. Higher education has entered an era where lifelong (and life-wide) learning is not only necessary to modern life but it is also now viewed as a basic human right. Also, formal learning can no longer be achieved solely through a set period in education, such as three or four years of undergraduate studies. Knowledge and skills must be continually upgraded in order to adapt to changing economic, social, and technological conditions. These factors have created a need for people to continually learn through every stage of their lives.


Professor Audrey Falk, Winston School of Education and Social Policy, Merrimack College, US


Professor Abhilasha Singh, Vice President for Academic Affairs, American University in the Emirates Dubai, UAE

Professor Yusra Mouzughi, President, Royal University for Women, Bahrain

Mr. Dean Hoke, Co-founder and managing partner of Edu Alliance Group, US and UAE

Ms. Helen Chua Balderama, Director, Global Engagement and Partnerships, York University, Canada