Healthcare Conferences UK: Conferences and Masterclasses for 2022

Journal of Adult Protection

Social Care Conferences UK organises high quality training events specifically for Social Workers and those working in or with social care organisations. These events focus on improving quality and provision of social care services, and integrating services to ensure continuity of care between agencies.

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2022 Conferences and Masterclasses

Children's Safeguarding: Learning from inquiries, serious case reviews and inspections



This masterclass, facilitated by Carla Thomas and Arnon Bentovim, Child and Family Training, gives an opportunity for delegates to review the findings from inquiries, serious case reviews, safeguarding practices reviews and inspections regarding multi-agency safeguarding practice and consider the implications for their agencies policies and practice. 

Key learning objectives include considering the history of reviews in relation to child’s death and serious harm, and how some of these led to key changes in legislation and guidance. Review thresholds and processes for serious case and child safeguarding practices reviews.

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Self Neglect & Adult Safeguarding: Responding to Self Neglect & Hoarding during Covid-19



The Covid-19 pandemic has created new levels of isolation and loneliness for people increasing the risk of self-neglect. Self-neglect can be a complex and challenging issue for practitioners because of the need to find the balance between respecting a person’s autonomy and fulfilling a duty to protect the adult’s health and well-being.

This conference which features extended interactive sessions focuses on the difficult issue of self neglect and adult safeguarding during Covid-19 and includes an extended focus on hoarding. Through national updates, practical case studies and extended interactive group work the conference will cover self neglect, meeting the statutory safeguarding guidance, safeguarding people who self neglect: the evidence and what works, developing guidance for professionals when dealing with self neglect during Covid-19 and resistance to engage with services, an extended session on hoarding, and an extended session on dealing with the underlying causes of self neglect working in partnership with people who are self neglecting in a multidisciplinary way.

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Adult Safeguarding Investigation: Undertaking and Learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews



This conference focuses on Adult Safeguarding Investigation and Undertaking and Learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews.

This conference will enable you to:

  • Improve practice in Adult Safeguarding Investigation and Safeguarding Adults Reviews 
  • Reflect on the lived experience, and understand how to better involve people and families 
  • Develop your skills in adult safeguarding investigation 
  • Update your knowledge on the law and statutory requirements 
  • Understand the core principles of Safeguarding Adults Reviews, effective methodology and quality markers 
  • Develop strategies for the identification of non-death or injury reviews that are of value
  • Gain practical advice and tips on interviewing and report writing 
  • Ensure the learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) is used to identify systemic risk issues and improve practice,  including the management of Covid-19 related Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) referrals
  • Understand the police perspective and improve partnership working with the police 
  • Improve your skills in decision making in adult safeguarding investigation and escalation 
  • Gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence 

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Caldicott Principles & Information Sharing - Children & Young People



Healthcare Conferences UK in association with Christopher Fincken, Independent Member UK Caldicott Guardian Council, (Chairman 2012-2017) are pleased to announce this second National Conference which will focus on Information Sharing and Caldicott Principles in the health and social care of children and young adults. Following the success of our previous Caldicott Guardian National Conferences, and feedback from our regular Caldicott Training Masterclasses, this conference will focus on developing your role in improving communication and information sharing around children and young people whilst ensuring patient confidentiality.

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Therapeutic work with children and young people suffering child sexual abuse and exploitation



This Masterclass programme, facilitated by Dr Arnon Bentovim and Carol Jolliffe, will help practitioners working in social care, health, education and youth justice to deliver effective therapeutic work with children subject to sexual abuse and exploitation. The approach recognises that sexual abuse and exploitation occur in a context of significant adversity, and is based in Trauma Informed Practice which recognises common responses to adversity in childhood are traumatic, and such responses in association with a variety of social, psychological and genetic influences can trigger an extensive set of complex overlapping physical, behavioural and mental health responses. 

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Masterclass: Designated Safeguarding Officer Training



This one day masterclass, facilitated by Glenys Hurt-Robson, Associate Facilitator, The Athena Programme will support you to develop your role and responsibility as a Designated Safeguarding Officer / Designated Safeguarding Lead / Named Professional for safeguarding in your organisation. It will enable you to understand one or both of the Child and Adult abuse investigation processes under Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) and / or the Care Act 2014.

This course will connect emotionally with your safeguarding core. It will stimulate and support you as you reflect on the key responsibilities of the role and how these relate to your organisational context. Against a backdrop of current safeguarding legislation (Children Act 2004, Care Act 2014) it will help you examine your own role and the roles of others in the multi-agency world of protecting and supporting children and adults at risk. The skills and knowledge gained will raise your awareness of current risks and allow you to proactively develop your safeguarding role.

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Other events which may be of interest –

Stress Management for Health & Social Care Professionals  - 26th January

Quality Accreditation Monitoring & Assurance in Health & Social Care - 10th February

Develop your role as a Data Protection Officer for Health & Social Care - 22nd February

Masterclass: Safeguarding Children Level 3 -NHS Level 4 - 14th March