Call for papers EIFAS 2020 symposium - deadline for abstracts is June 30th

Call for papers for: Journal of Applied Accounting Research

Mending the future 

Please note: this is a call for papers for the EIFAS conference, the deadline for abstracts is June 30th

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Traditional thinking may perhaps not surface the necessary insights to reboot our economy in crisis and create a sustainable future for people, planet and profit. A reason for this may be the necessity for a hybrid thinking - to not only restart the economy with an increase in traditional production and consumption but also to focus on the environmental and social problems at the same time. Failing to do so however may only provide very short-term fixes and the new economy will not be sustainable in the long run.

As scholars we have a responsibility and duty — now more than ever — to contribute by providing critical, yet analytic and action-oriented research into how we can mend the future.  With our research, we need to inform policy makers and the industry, but also our students as the leaders of tomorrow on how to overcome the tensions created by short- versus long-termism, the hybridisation of goals, insufficient accounting regulations and a financing industry that is very much anchored in outdated models on risk and returns.

Many of the necessary bits and pieces for change are already there. Impact Investing and Social Finance already provide funding to those who intend to change the world for a better place, for example through Social Entrepreneurship or Clean- and Greentech entrepreneurship. In business, national and supranational regulations, non-governmental organisations, shareholder and stakeholder engagement already pushed companies to adopt sustainability metrics and report these accordingly by using sophisticated frameworks from high-profile NGOs. In addition, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors have become increasingly more important, with rating agencies and big data providers now including them in their service portfolios. On a political level, members of parliament increasingly embrace the idea of a Green New Deal (GND) to kickstart the economy by a turn towards investments in the environmental sector, yet without being specific on its whatness and how such an instrument could and should work.

With this call we thus invite scholars from a range of sustainability accounting and environmental/ impact finance related disciplines to come together and exchange their ideas —  because we strongly believe that traditional silo thinking will not deliver the creativity that is necessary to tackle the wicked problems that we face!

We expect short, 3-5 abstract proposals for presentation or full papers already. All will be blind peerreviewed and if accepted can be presented and discussed in parallel round-table sessions. There will be abstract-proceedings with details of all authors to enable future research collaborations, fantastic round tables and panel discussions and in addition, three journals, all SCOPUS listed, invite accepted papers from the EIFAS into an advanced peer-review process past the editorial stage.

Some indicative, but not exhaustive topics to guide your research:

  • Impact Investing: Actors, Metrics, Instruments
  • Sustainability Accounting: Frameworks, ESG Ratings, Standardization, Critique
  • Financing Clean and Green-Tech Entrepreneurs and Innovations
  • Green New Deal: Political or Economic Instrument
  • Ethical Considerations on Justice, Fairness and Values