Internet Research Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence 2015- 2019

Internet Research

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Internet Research Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence in 2015 - 2019.

The awards celebrate and reward the outstanding contributions of our authors, reviewers and editorial team.


2019 Outstanding paper

Volume 28 Issue 4
Disentangling the facets of sharing: a categorization of what we know and don't know about the Sharing Economy
Manuel Trenz, Alexander Frey, Daniel Veit

Highly commended papers

Volume 28 Issue 5
Coping with Mobile Technology Overload in the Workplace
Pengzhen Yin, Carol X.J. Ou, Robert M. Davison, Jie Wu

Volume 28 Issue 4
The value of online surveys: a look back and a look ahead
Joel R. Evans, Anil Mathur

Volume 28 Issue 1
Understanding Chinese consumer engagement in social commerce: The roles of social support and swift guanxi
Jiabao Lin, Lei Li, Yanmei Yan, Ofir Turel

Outstanding reviewers

Si Shi
Gong Xiang
Garry Tan


2018 Outstanding paper

Volume 27 Issue 2
What is eSports and why do people watch it?
Juho Hamari, Max Sjöblom

Highly commended papers

Volume 27 Issue 4
The art of appeal in electronic commerce: Understanding the impact of product and website quality on online purchases
Fei Liu, Bo Xiao, Eric T.K. Lim, Chee-Wee Tan

Volume 27 Issue 3
E-WOM messaging on social media: Social ties, temporal distance, and message concreteness
Yung Kyun Choi, Yuri Seo, Sukki Yoon

Volume 27 Issue 1
Internet entrepreneurship and “the sharing of information” in an Internet-of-Things context: The role of interactivity, stickiness, e-satisfaction and word-of-mouth in online SMEs’ websites
Xiaoyu Yu, Sanjit Kumar Roy, Ali Quazi, Bang Nguyen, Yuqing Han

Outstanding Reviewers

Luis Casaló
Chongyang Chen


2017 Outstanding paper

Volume 26 Issue 4
Social capital on mobile SNS addiction: A perspective from online and offline channel integrations
Shuiqing Yang, Yuan Liu, June Wei

Highly commended papers

Volume 26 Issue 5
Multichannel integration quality, online perceived value and online purchase intention: A perspective of land-based retailers
Jin-Feng Wu, Ya Ping Chang

Volume 26 Issue 1
E-retailing ethics and its impact on customer satisfaction and repurchase intention: A cultural and commitment-trust theory perspective
Ibrahim Elbeltagi, Gomaa Agag

Outstanding Reviewers

Yaniv Gvili
Mamoun Akroush
Lauri Wessel


2016 Outstanding paper

Volume 25 Issue 3
Explaining the internet usage of SMEs: The impact of market orientation, behavioural norms, motivation and technology acceptance
Marjolein C. J. Caniëls, Heidi K. L. Lenaerts, Cees J. Gelderman

Highly commended papers

Volume 25 Issue 4
Facebook advertising's influence on intention-to-purchase and purchase amongst Millennials
Rodney Graeme Duffett

Volume 25 Issue 2
Key variables to predict tie strength on social network sites
Pin Luarn, Yu-Ping Chiu

Volume 25 Issue 5
Consumer attitudes towards online shopping: The effects of trust, perceived benefits, and perceived web quality
Mutaz M. Al-Debei, Mamoun N. Akroush, Mohamed Ibrahiem Ashouri

Outstanding Reviewers

Cong Li
Jack Wu


2015 Outstanding paper

Volume 24 Issue 1
The effects of hedonic/utilitarian expectations and social influence on continuance intention to play online games
I-Cheng Chang, Chuang-Chun Liu, Kuanchin Chen

Highly commended papers

Volume 24 Issue 3
Understanding online shopping intention: the roles of four types of trust and their antecedents
Meng-Hsiang Hsu, Li-Wen Chuang, Cheng-Se Hsu

Volume 24 Issue 2
Engaging in digital piracy of movies: a theory of planned behaviour approach
Ian Phau, Aaron Lim, Johan Liang, Michael Lwin

Volume 24 Issue 3
Firm web visibility and its business value
Fang Wang, Liwen Vaughan

Outstanding Reviewers

Wu He
Timmy Tseng