Exploring the Resilience & Innovation Nexus – a Call for Interdisciplinary Research

Call for papers for: Innovation & Management Review




INMR – Innovation Management Review is pleased to invite papers for a Special Issue on "Exploring the Resilience & Innovation Nexus – a Call for Interdisciplinary Research".

Overview of the Theme

Academic research and practice has shown so far that resilience is a desirable characteristic of an organization. Resilience can be understood as an organization’s capacity to adaptively respond and recover, as well as to create innovative ways of doing business when experiencing duress as an outcome of unexpected events and abrupt changes (Linnenluecke, 2017). Despite initial empirical findings (e.g., Bristow & Healy, 2018), little has been explored on the role of innovation in promoting resilience for businesses and societies at large. In this special issue, we will focus on the research around the intersections of resilience and innovation within the management literature. The COVID-19 global pandemic exposed many communities’ and businesses’ lack of resilience throughout the world, illuminating the pressing need to explore how innovation, both at the organizational and societal levels, can support – or undermine – attempts to build resilience in the long run. Additionally, we expect to include research how different types of innovation can support or hinder this process and what capabilities, resources, and other characteristics can be the key for successful organizations and thriving communities. We call for novel research which investigates the innovation and resilience nexus, seeking interdisciplinary research on the realm of innovation and management across different levels of analysis. Research from related disciplines such as social sciences, political science, or economics are welcomed as long as they concurrently address the issues of resilience and innovation.


Business Model Innovation; Social Innovation; Product Innovation; Process Innovation; Adaptive Innovation Systems; Individual Resilience; Organizational Resilience; Community Resilience; Economic Resilience; Environmental Resilience; Social Resilience.

Topics of Interest

INMR Special Issue on “Exploring the Resilience & Innovation Nexus – a Call for Interdisciplinary Research” will accept articles mainly on the following but non exhausting potential topics:

• What is the role of business model innovation in response to crises?

• How is innovation supporting sustainable transitions in response to weather-related crises?

• How do supply chain disruptions affect communities and businesses in the context of crises?

• What makes some organizations more successful in responding and recovering from crises?

• How can social innovations contribute to building community resilience in the context of crises?

• How do firms’ resilience impact a community’s ability to recover from crises?

Publication Guidelines

• Manuscripts: max. 8000 words


• Submission of Full Paper: November 30th, 2021.

• Special Issue Publication (expected): Second semester / 2022

Further Information

For further information regarding submission procedures and other details, please follow the link to our website. https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/inmr

For further information regarding our special issue, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject title “Special Issue”.

We look forward to your contributions!

Best regards,

Larissa Marchiori Pacheco, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Global Resilience institute / Northeastern University

Elizabeth M. Moore, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor and Associate Director of Strategic Education and Research Collaboration - D'Amore Mckim School of Business and Global Resilience Institute / Northeastern University

Kristin Brandl, PhD

Assistant Professor of International Business - University of Victoria, Canada

Robin K. White, PhD

Executive Director for Research – Global Resilience Institute / Northeastern University

Editor in Chief - INMR

Moacir de Miranda Oliveira Junior, PhD University of São Paulo (FEA-USP) School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting, Sao Paulo, Brazil



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