Digital Transformation Strategy and Impacts During Emergency Situations

Call for papers for: Industrial Management & Data Systems

Submission deadline: 21 April 2021

Guest Editors

Prof Samuel Fosso Wamba, Toulouse Business School, France
[email protected] 

Prof Maciel M. Queiroz, Paulista University - UNIP, Brazil
[email protected] 

Prof Kim Hua Tan, University of Nottingham, UK
[email protected]

Prof Baofeng Huo, Zhejiang University, China
[email protected] 

Aims and Scope of the Special Issue

The contemporary world is facing highly complex and disruptive situations and events affecting people, organizations, and society. For instance, natural disasters and epidemic outbreaks are challenging the organizations at all levels, and these are reacting to such external constraints by constantly developing and implementing unprecedented strategies. One of the top-notch arsenals that taking the attention of the organizations and institutions today is digital transformation (DT). The DT is a widespread concept that refers to the changes and improvements that are grazed on the environment by integrating cutting-edge information and communication technologies (ICTs). In this respect, DT is capturing the imagination of the organizations across the world. On the one hand, decision-makers have understood that DT is a vital weapon to fight against disruptive situations and events while minimizing their impacts on society. On the other hand, different organizations are triggering DT to improve their business process and performance, create business value in challenging times, and gain competitive advantage. However,  more light needs to be thrown on the importance of DT, especially in emergency situations. For instance, little is known about its interplay with various problematic contexts. In line with the interdisciplinarity of the Industrial Management and Data Systems (IMDS) journal, this Special Issue (SI) aims to explore the digital transformation phenomenon from different angles, with particular focus on the interplay between operations management and information systems. Therefore, researchers, scholars, and academia are invited to send us high-quality original research papers that could offer valuable insights, including substantial theoretical contributions, into this research field. This SI is focused on innovative contributions based on empirical research, including but not limited to survey research, real in-depth cases, design science, action research, and mixed-method approaches. Secondary data analysis and its combination with other robust methods are also welcome.

The main topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • How are organizations adopting and implementing Industry 4.0-related technologies (Artificial Intelligence/Big data/Blockchain/Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Digital Twin, etc.)
  • Industry 4.0 and the integration with Circular Economy to minimize the effects of resource scarcity in emergency situations. 
  • Organization’s digital capabilities required for a DT project.
  • Facilitators and barriers to DT in emergency situations.
  • DT and its implications for the organization’s response capacity to face complex events.
  • Workers’ skills to support DT during and after emergency situations.
  • Critical success factors and benchmarks (cases) related to DT during disruptive events.
  • Emerging technologies as quantum and edge computing in the organization’s DT project to alleviate the effects of harmful events.
  • The relationship between operations management and DT in the light of emergency situations.
  • Knowledge and information sharing between organizations to speed up DT to face disruptive events.
  • Performance differences between organizations that already implemented DT projects and organizations that have not yet implemented, during, and after the crisis.
  • DT as a catalyst to the organization’s recovery after highly-disruptive situations.
  • Key capabilities at the organizational and at the individual level to support successful DT implementation to face emergency situations and other challenges.
  • How could DT create business value to organizations and society during and after emergency situations and complex events? 


Manuscript submission deadline: 21-April-2021

Notification of Final Acceptance: 12-October-2021

Expected publication: 31-December-2021 (Issue 122.1)

Authors are instructed to follow the guide for authors and submission guidelines and to choose "Digital Transformation Strategy and Impacts During Emergency Situation" as the paper type in the online submission portal.