Virtual Special Issue: Investing in the Planet

International Journal of Tourism Cities

Celebrating World Tourism Day 2023: Tourism and Green Investments

As we approach September 27th, the world eagerly anticipates the celebration of World Tourism Day 2023. This year's theme, "Tourism and Green Investments," invites us to pause and contemplate the profound impact of public and private investments on initiatives, practices, and forms of tourism that contribute to positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes for all stakeholders. 
In this special issue, our objective is to shine a spotlight on research that highlights the strides made by the tourism industry towards a greener transition, particularly in urban destinations. The commitment of tourism stakeholders to our planet is fundamentally a moral imperative, but it also serves as a wellspring of tangible benefits for destinations and private enterprises alike. The included articles vividly illustrate how investments in environmentally conscious actions resonate throughout the industry, influencing destination image, performance, resilience, visitor intentions and behaviors, and a willingness to pay premium prices, among other vital aspects. 
We eagerly anticipate furthering the development of a robust knowledge base, focusing on innovative nature-based solutions that confront our planet's most pressing environmental challenges. These solutions are not just about mitigating harm; they are also about creating regenerative and transformative tourism experiences that foster prosperity for all. 
As we celebrate World Tourism Day 2023, let us collectively champion the cause of sustainable tourism and green investments. Together, we have the power to reshape the future of tourism into a force for good that enriches not only our lives but also the world we cherish.

The papers listed below will be free to access until 31st October 2023.  

Enjoy the reading! 

Professor Blanca Alejandra Camargo 

Associate Editor, International Journal of Tourism Cities 

A conceptual framework on finding the nexus between sustainability and desired outcomes for smart cities – the moderating role of green leadership 

George Kofi Amoako, Theresa Obuobisa-Darko, Kwasi Dartey-Baah and Genevieve Sedalo 

Theory of repeat purchase behavior (TRPB): A case of green hotel visitors of Bangladesh 

Abdulla Al-Towfiq Hasan 

Are consumers influenced by the use of green practices in five-star hotels: An assessment of guest’s revisit intentions, inclusive ratings and hotel performance  

Vikas Gupta, Manohar Sajnani, Saurabh Kumar Dixit, Abhinav Mishra and Mohammad Osman Gani 

Does tourism flow in cities drive green practices in the current smart city trajectories? Empirical evidence from Italy  

Filippo Marchesani and Francesca Masciarell 

A different “we” in urban sustainability: how the city of Chattanooga, TN, community defined their own sustainability path 

Bernard M. Kitheka, Elizabeth D. Baldwin, David L. White and Daniel N. Harding 

Tukad Bindu in Bali, Indonesia: Ecotourism or greenwashing?  

Ni Putu Bayu Widhi Antari and Daniel Connel 

Sustainability can start with a garden! 

David Newsome 

Nature-based solutions for urban development and tourism 

Louis Rice 

Afforestation intentions for mitigating carbon emissions in the post-COVID-19 perspective: The case of green hotel visitors in Bangladesh  

Abdulla Al-Towfiq Hasan 

A holistic approach towards a more sustainable urban and port planning in tourist cities 

Carlo Alberini 

Perth (Australia) as one of the world's most liveable cities: A perspective on society, sustainability and environment 

Cheryl Jones and David Newsome 

Identification of facilitators of sustainability innovation adoption by hoteliers of India 

Divesh Kumar and Monika Sheoran