Sustainable Tourism in Urban Destinations

Call for papers for: International Journal of Tourism Cities

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Tourism Cities

Special Issue Editors:

Associate Professor Jonathon Day, Purdue University, USA
Prof. Alastair M. Morrison, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, Taiwan
Associate Professor J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak, University of Greenwich, UK 

Urban Sustainable Tourism

With the growth of cities and the increasing urban tourism, the sustainability of urban tourism systems has never been more important. Traditionally, research on sustainable tourism has focused on issues in rural and natural locations but the principles of sustainable tourism can – and must - be applied to cities and urban metropolises.
Sustainable tourism practices incorporate a broad range of activities. This Special Issue of IJTC invites authors to address topics from holistic approaches addressing city-wide initiatives to research addressing specific challenges in bringing greater sustainability to urban destinations. Sustainable urban destinations face unique challenges and it is our goal with this Special Issue of IJTC is to highlight the range of tourism-related research being undertaken to improve the sustainability of urban centers. 


We invite papers which engage with Sustainable Tourism in Urban Destinations in the following topics (indicative but not exhaustive themes):

  • Sustainable tourism management in the city
  • Governance and sustainable tourism
  • Environmental performance of tourism businesses
  • Corporate social responsibility in urban destinations
  • Social entrepreneurship in the city
  • Tourism and social justice in urban destinations
  • Diversity, inclusion and urban tourism
  • Urban tourism contributions to SDGs
  • The role of smart cities as catalysts for sustainable tourism
  • Regenerative tourism
  • Transformational tourism
  • The role of destination management organizations (DMOs) in facilitating sustainable tourism in cities
  • Urban tourism destinations as socio-economic ecosystems
  • Climate change strategies and planning in urban tourism destinations
  • Roles of NGOs and the third sector in sustainable urban destinations
  • Community resident roles in sustainable urban destinations


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