Contemporary Trends, Issues and Challenges in Southeast Asian Tourism Cities

Call for papers for: International Journal of Tourism Cities

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Tourism Cities

Guest Editors:

Hera Oktadiana, Walanchalee Watannacharoensil, Denis Tolkach.

This Call for Papers represents a rich opportunity to develop work about a somewhat understudied part of the tourism world. According to UNWTO (2019), Asia and the Pacific was the fastest growing region in 2018. In South-East Asia in particular, tourism growth was strong in most destinations. International tourist arrivals to this sub-region in 2018 were 128.7 million with international tourism receipts of USD142.3 billion. These numbers were the second largest (after North-East Asia) of the overall Asia and the Pacific region, providing a 37% share of international tourist arrivals and 32.7% of international tourism receipts. Moreover, analytics company GlobalData, as reported by Fox (2019), indicated that international visitors to the ASEAN region will reach 155.4 million in 2022.

The advancement of South-East Asian tourism undoubtedly brings benefits (e.g. economic growth, infrastructure improvements and employment opportunity), as well as problems (e.g. socio-cultural impacts and environmental issues) to the region. This IJTC Special Issue seeks papers that address the contemporary trends, issues and challenges in South East Asia tourism cities. Much work remains to be done on city tourism in this region. We seek papers that offer novelty of ideas, conceptual development and thoroughness. We anticipate that the final set of papers will serve as solid reference sources for various tourism stakeholders including academics, students, researchers, practitioners and government officials.

Anticipated themes and contributions are from the following broad areas:

  • Opportunities in South East Asian tourism cities
  • Tourism-induced pressures in South East Asian cities
  • Smart tourism cities in South East Asia
  • Heritage conservation in South East Asian cities
  • City tourism sustainability in South East Asia
  • Halal tourism in South East Asian cities
  • Tourist behaviour in South East Asian cities
  • Special interest markets and products for city tourism in South East Asia
  • Festivals and events in South East Asian cities
  • Planning and management of city tourism in South East Asia

Link to the ITSA 2020 conference and workshops in Jakarta and Singapore

This IJTC Call for Papers is linked to the ITSA conference in Jakarta (August 11-13) and associated research paper development workshop to be held in Singapore (August 15). The timing of these events in August and this Call for Abstracts are meant to fit together. Researchers might consider developing a conference paper for the ITSA 2020 conference or building new cooperative work at the Singapore workshop and then subsequently developing that material for submission to IJTC and notably this Special Issue.

Important Dates:

  • Abstract submission dateline: 1 October 2020 (up to 500 words excluding references)
  • Full paper submission dateline: 5 June 2021 (6,000 to 8,000 words)
  • Author Guidelines and Manuscript Submission can be found here

Please contact us for further enquiries:

Hera Oktadiana, PhD, CHE
College of Business, Law and Governance
James Cook University, Australia
E-mail: [email protected]


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