Marketplaces and Street Vendors

Call for papers for: International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy

Guest Editor

Alfonso Morales
University of Wisconsin
[email protected]


Marketplaces and Street Vendors are changing the world. This Issue of the International Journal of sociology and social policy offers authors the opportunity to make empirical contributions that describe changes in marketplaces and street vending around the world.

Here we mean farmers markets, swapmeets, fleamarkets and the like, as named and organized anywhere in the world. How are these practices organized? How are they connecting to food system activities? How are they being used to support a variety of public and private purposes, from immigrant households to corporate practices? How are they fostering civil society and promoting individual opportunity, while at the same time providing for community resilience? 

The issue welcomes empirical work and conceptual essays from anywhere in the world, which demonstrate how authors, or their partners, are leveraging multi-functional marketplace and street vending practices for a variety of purposes. IJSSP welcomes articles with sensible policy recommendations.

The journal encourages researchers and practitioners to submit original research articles, case studies, and book reviews, on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Methodological aspects of vendors and/or urban marketplaces
  • Vending and/or marketplaces fostering resilience in the face of public health problems and catastrophic events
  • The processes of assessing vending and/or marketplace contributions to sustainability
  • Political regulation of vendors and/or marketplaces
  • Planning and policy of vendors and/or marketplaces
  • The evolution of marketplaces, their history, and contemporary organization
  • Lessons learned from research and practice of public markets
  • Households and individual dynamics and the social/regulatory construction of vending and/or marketplaces
  • Conceptual connections of inclusion, resilience, and identity to vendors and/or marketplaces
  • Organizational coordination in developing programs for vendors and/or marketplaces
  • Case studies of vendors and/or marketplaces, covering successes and failures as appropriate
  • The evolution and future of vendors and/or marketplaces

Deadline and Submission Details

The submission deadline for all papers is 16 September 2021.
The publication date of this special issue is Q2 2022.
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