Reliability and Quality: Analysis and Applications

Call for papers for: International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management

Submission portal open: Tuesday 1 June 2021 
Submission deadline: Thursday 30 September 2021 

Overview of the Theme 

E-Waste is becoming the global Environmental Problem. After using the component in one project, it is usually discarded, even if it has significant residual life also. This is catering the problem of e-waste. By predicting the reliability and remaining useful lifetime (RUL), the same component can be reused, which further reduces the e-waste. This special issue addresses the analysis and applications of reliability and quality of components, machines and other equipment, which will contribute towards the reduction of e-waste. 

In the era of integration, reliability, quality and maintenance become a challenge for the successful operation of components, devices and machines. The prediction of remaining useful life of components, machines and systems reduces the problem of E-Waste, as the same components can be reused, rather than discarding. This special issue is seeking high-quality research articles as well as reviews about state-of-the-art technologies in reliability analysis and quality estimation that further contribute to various data mining techniques. Main focus of this special session will also be to address the challenges and opportunities related to residual life prediction using various intelligent, simulation, experimental and empirical techniques as well as quality and maintenance modelling.  

Topics of Interest 

We would welcome conceptual and empirical papers from a variety of perspectives on Reliability Analysis of components, materials and methods but we encourage contributions that deal with the issues outlined below. However, this is a non-exhaustive list: 

  • Reliability, Maintainability and Quality  

  • Data Analysis using Machine learning 

  • Modelling Styles  

  • Reliability Testing  

  • Accelerated Life Testing 

  • Remaining Useful Life (RUL) prediction 

  • Reliability distributions 

  • Quality Estimation 

  • Applications of Reliability analysis and Quality Estimation 

  • Reliability of Materials and components 

  • Design of Experiments using Taguchi’s approach 

  • Reliability and availability of the IoT 

Submissions guidelines

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M’Hamed Bougara University,  

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