IJPDLM is inviting proposals for Special Issues

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

The International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management is inviting proposals for special issues.
The special issue proposals are open to relevant topic or issue that is still poorly understood, requiring deeper empirical investigation, significantly affecting the society and important for advancing our understanding of physical distribution, logistic and supply chain management. Special issue proposals must be consistent with the journal’s mission to publish leading edge research bridging strategic areas of business-to-business management, physical distribution, business logistics, marketing channels, and supply chain management with a particular emphasis on developments in omni-channel and multi-channel distribution original, as well as achieving sustainable development goals that are relevant to both academic and practice.

Proposals should:
•    Introduce the guest editor team, their relevant experience and expertise, and highlights of relevant publications and past special issues edited 
•    Propose a tile and explain its topicality, originality and aims   
•    Describe the scope* of the topic and suggest themes and sub-topics within its scope 
•    Clearly explain how the topic will benefit the physical distribution, logistics and supply chain management field 
•    Explain the why the special issue can be useful to researchers and the potential impacts to practitioners and/or sustainable development goals
•    Suggest key authors who might be submitting to the special issues
•    Suggest timelines for submission, first review, second review and final decision. 

Please submit your proposal by email with a CV for each guest editor attached, to Professor Chee Yew Wong ([email protected]), the editor-in-chief (EIC) of International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. The proposal may be competitively evaluated by the editor-in-chief and other senior associate editors. Please contact the EIC if you have any questions.
The call for proposal is open all year round. 

Visit https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/ijpdlm for more information.
Note: *Please note that quantitatively oriented mathematical and modelling research papers are not suitable for the journal.