Security and Privacy for Cloud assisted Internet of Things

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Submission date: 22nd July 2022

Guest editor

Dr. Puttamadappa C., (Lead Guest Editor)
Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore, India.
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Jaroslav Frnda,
University of Zilina, Slovakia.
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Hanifa Abdullah,
University of South Africa, South Africa
Email: [email protected]

Overview of special issue

In the cyber world, the Internet of Things is a promising network scenario, bridging physical devices and virtual products. Cloud storage is commonly used to store and process the vast IoT data obtained by taking into account the limited ability of smart things. In addition, as an extension and a supplement to cloud computing is defined. In this highly heterogeneous and interconnected system, despite the benefits of cloud- assisted IoT, it is unwise to neglect the importance of security and privacy. For cloud IoT environments, different solutions have recently been put forward separately to deal with security threats to IoT devices and sensitive data. In these solutions, however, a few main characteristics, such as heterogeneity and scalability, have not been properly considered. The aim of the special issue is to investigate the privacy and security of IoT in cloud platform. The aim is to provide for a solution of a problem from an obvious point of view: How do we solve a security problem? The aim of this issue is to introduce the mathematical machinery behind the security and privacy problems. The purpose of this issue is to summarize the research techniques related to the future trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI), computational engineering, information science, IoT, Networks. This issue tends to present several interesting open problems with future research directions for data engineering, computational engineering, data science, Big Data, Social Media mining, Block chain and big data.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Architectures models in cloud assisted IoT security
  • Architecture based security improvement using Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) in IoT platform
  • Attack and threat model in cloud assisted IoT
  • Authentication, recognition prevention of medical data
  • Big data analytics for different types of cloud platform
  • Blockchain analytics for different types of cloud platform
  • Cryptography protocols and algorithms
  • Machine and deep learning for solving security risk
  • Medical data privacy in IoT cloud
  • Network simulation and data security
  • Security and protection architectures for cloud assisted IoT

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