Call for Special Issue Proposals 2021

International Journal of Logistics Management

From 2021, IJLM will announce calls for special issues (SI) yearly. The increasing success of the journal has made it necessary to prioritize among the many proposals submitted along the way. Together with the editor-in-chief, a small committee of Editorial Advisory Board members will select the most interesting, timely and promising proposals.

Before you start working on the proposal, please make yourself acquainted with the journal through its publications and its website where the editorial policy and other important information can be found. From the website, you also need to download the SI template that must be used for proposal submissions. Only submissions using the template will be considered.

Now we are inviting proposals for SI’s to be published in 2023. Up to two proposals can be accepted depending on the quality of the submitted proposals. The timeline will be as follows:


10 May, 2021 Deadline for proposal submissions. Please, send your submission to Editor-in-chief Britta Gammelgaard on e-mail [email protected]


7 June, 2021 Accept/not Accept decision made


End of June, 2021 SI Call for papers made public through website and social media


January 2022 Deadline for SI submissions


January 2023 Review process has ended and final decisions made for all submitted SI manuscripts


2023 Publication (issue number will be decided later)


We look forward to seeing your proposals!

Britta Gammelgaard

Editor-in-chief, IJLM