Cognitive Applications on Device Architectures and Algorithms

Call for papers for: International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems

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Submission date: 10th October 2021

Guest editors

Dr. Budati Anil Kumar, GRIET

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Dr. S. B. Goyal, City University

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Prof. George Ghinea, Brunel University London

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Prof. Krishna Kant Singh, KIET Group of Institutions

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Overview of special issue

The problem of integrated cognition circuits belongs to a multi-disciplinary area of cognitive engineering. The multi-disciplinary focusing on cognitive models and real-time embedded systems, such as system architectures, computing techniques, computation intelligence algorithms, mobile devices, robots, helps to reveal a broader and deeper understanding of system architecture and signal processing are part of everyday life and society. Over the past decades many cognitive architectures have been proposed and steadily developed, based on different approaches and computational intelligence methodologies, but still current cognitive architectures are far from the goal of covering the requirements for general intelligence in the area of system architectures and signal processing. Recent research in the area of evolutionary computational algorithms and genetic programming is used in this study as an inspiration for developing the new version of integrated cognitive architecture devices, signal processing and communication devices are the knowledge are applied to the architecture as well for Industry 4.0 requirements.

A cognitive architecture specifies the underlying infrastructure for an intelligent system. Briefly, architecture includes those aspects of a cognitive architecture, computing algorithms and Computational intelligent techniques that are constant over time and across different application domains like Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits (VLSI) hardware architectures, communication devices and signal processing. These typically include, the short-term and long-term memories that store content about the user’s information, nodes information, computational evolutionary algorithms, and knowledge about data transmission. The functional processes that operates on system architectures and computational algorithms, that are including the performance mechanisms and the learning mechanisms that alter them.

This special issue aims to address the various issues on cognitive system architectures, computational intelligence algorithms like Hardware Description Languages on Systems, Communication devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Network algorithms and the papers contributed high quality theoretical and practical works. The proposed submissions and presentations should be original and unpublished works.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Neural Networks in Cognitive Systems
  • Analog/Digital Circuit Architectures
  • EDGE/SOFT/FOGG/GRID Computing Algorithms
  • Cognitive architectures in communication devices
  • Reinforcement algorithms
  • Machine Learning techniques for Cognitive Systems/Devices
  • Advanced computational Algorithms
  • High speed computational algorithms for systems
  • Cognitive Adaptive Systems
  • Quantum and Fuzzy Computing in cognitive systems
  • Analog/Digital Signal Processing application algorithms
  • Digital Filter techniques for advanced signal processing
  • Cognitive Analog/Digital circuit architectures

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