Integrated approaches to health and wellbeing: learning from Nordic perspectives

Call for papers for: International Journal of Health Governance

There is a need for a fundamental shift from sick care to preventive health to ensure the longevity of our healthcare systems and improved quality of life. The Nordic Health 2030 Movement aims at driving this transition (Nordic Health 2030 Magazine, 2019). The Special Issue of International Journal of Health Governance will showcase Nordic solutions and cases towards sustainable health transformation and perspectives on key ethical and structural challenges for this transformation, and focus on issues of an international, interdisciplinary, and integrated approach to health, health promotion, and wellbeing. The originality of this Special Issue is the Nordic/non-national perspective on health as a human right, service, and goal across borders; the recognition that health research and solutions can only be created in an international space and spirit - challenges and problems do not respect geography and neither should health promotion. The authors are encouraged to specifically consider the international and interdisciplinary insights from their work.

We welcome submissions to this special issue. Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Health data governance to enable trust in the healthcare ecosystem
  • Health literacy and patient empowerment
  • Economy of wellbeing – and/or investment policies for health
  • Asset-Based Community Development – governing principles for public health
  • Innovation, Research & Development – public domain and good
  • Cross-border interoperability – universal health care principles and rights
  • Healthcare driven by societal values – and health economics

Categories of manuscripts:  research paper, conceptual paper, viewpoint, general review, literature review, case study


Deadline and Submission Details

Expressions of interest should be sent directly to the Guest Editors via email. Upon approval, manuscripts may then be submitted via ScholarOne.

Expressions of interest (an abstract of c.300 words can be submitted but is not mandatory): June 30, 2021

The submission deadline for all manuscripts is September 1, 2021

The publication date of this special issue is May, 2022

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For all questions, please contact the Guest Editors:

Lars Münter

Nordic Health 2030 Movement / Danish Committee for Health Education

[email protected]


Tanja Schjødt Jørgensen

The Parker Institute, Copenhagen University Hospital, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg

[email protected]


Bobbie Nicole Ray-Sannerud


[email protected]


Kristine Sørensen

Global Health Literacy Academy

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Nordic Health 2030 Magazine. Towards Preventive Health. 23.10.2019