Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean

Call for papers for: International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

The subtropical Mediterranean region is one of the most important climate regimes for future climate change and variability. Special care must be taken for the risks and impacts of climate and environmental changes because the rates of climate change observed in the Mediterranean Basin exceed the global trends for most variables. This Special Issue of International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management aims to address the impacts posed by climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean and provide interconnection of the problems at the same time within the same constraints. More specifically, papers submitted to this Special Issue should investigate the impacts of climate changed-induces events on agriculture, tourism, water resources, drought, socio-economic factors such as migration. Performing Interdisciplinary research about the impacts and risks of climate change and policies in scope of environmental aspects and provide insight.

The list of anticipated themes is given as follows:

  • Adaptation/Mitigation
  • Agriculture/Agrometeorology
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Biology/Biogeochemical cycle (Ecology, Biodiversity, Reproduction, Species, etc.)
  • Climate Change impacts ( Sea-level rise, Species extinction, water shortage, public health etc.)
  • Environmental science (Glaciology, Oceanography, Volcanology, Hydrology, Soil science, etc.)
  • Risk assessment (Disasters, Economy, Education, Energy, etc.)
  • Water resources/Water quality
  • Other themes associated with the above or emerging topics will also be considered.

Submission Information

Deadline for submissions: TBA
All submissions must be made via ScholarOne

Guest Editors

Sinan Sahin
Namik Kemal University, Turkey
[email protected]

Murat Türkeş
Bogazici University, Turkey
[email protected]