Call for abstracts: Management: Climate change impacts on ecosystems and agricultural productivity

Call for papers for: International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

The International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management (IJCCSM) invites interested teams of authors to submit a paper to the special issue titled "Management: Climate change impacts on ecosystems and agricultural productivity".

Guest Editor
Dr. Shah Fahad
Leshan Normal University, China
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Email: [email protected]

Overview of Special Issue

Climate has always been considered as an important environmental factor influencing ecosystems. Ecosystems are being affected by climate change in a number of ways, it can perform as natural cushion from incidence of severe climatic hazards, for example, wetland ecosystems drain rainwater, reef islands sustain coastal life, and periodic wildfires decrease forest debris and the lessen risk of large-scale wildfires.

Climate change alterations may limit ecosystems’ capability to temper the extreme climate change impacts, and consequently may intensify susceptibility to damage. Environmental conditions and climate vary substantially due to extreme variations in geographical topographies.

This special issue of IJCCSM – International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management will explore insinuation of a changing climate to the challenges associated with managing the climate hazards, more specifically contributions that address the complications and uncertainties due to climatic change, effects of climate change on ecosystems and agricultural productivity in developing and developed countries will be considered. This special issue will include outlooks from scholars located in all regions around the globe.

Indicative list of anticipated themes:

  • Climate change projections and implications for ecosystems
  • Climate change in mountain ecosystems
  • Climate change impact on productivity of conservation agriculture (CA)
  • Effectiveness of structural and non-structural measures to cope with climate change impacts on agriculture production and ecosystems
  • Other emerging themes are also welcome, and may be discussed with the editorial team.

Scholars and research teams working on the mentioned topic and interested are invited to make a submission. Expressions of interest, consisting of a 250 words abstract with the full contact details of the authors, should be sent to the editorial team at: [email protected].

The abstract submission deadline is  10th September 2021.


The Editorial Team (please send your reply to: [email protected])