Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of IJBPA: a Virtual Issue

International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation

This virtual issue celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation. The collection highlights ten of the most influential and topical papers over these four decades. This includes papers from Structural Survey, the former title of the journal, and since 2017 under our new title as International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation. The papers reflect the scope and coverage of the journal which, by design, is diverse and multi-disciplined, reflecting the emerging technological, environmental and societal challenges of sustaining resilient buildings in all world regions. Trends in the focus of the journal are also reflected with the increasing emphasis on the emerging environmental challenges and the application of digital technologies towards sustaining and conserving buildings. Massive thanks go out to our previous editor, our regional editors, International Advisory Board and our extensive team of reviewers for helping the journal to sustain and thrive over these 40 years. Here’s to the next!

Professor David Proverbs and Dr Mark Shelbourn (Co-editors)

Virtual Issue

We are glad to offer the following compilation of ten papers; all of which are now available as free access:

Dampness in buildings, 1983, 1(2)

G. Keith

Estimating the life expectancies of building components in life-cycle costing calculations, 1996, 14(2)

Allan Ashworth

A comparison of defects in houses constructed by owners and registered builders in the Australian State of Victoria, 1999, 17(3)

J. Georgiou, P.E.D. Love and J. Smith

Knowledge management for sustainable competitiveness in small and medium surveying practices, 2005, 23(1)

Charles O. Egbu, Subashini Hari and Suresh H. Renukappa

Historic building information modelling (HBIM), 2009, 27(4)

Maurice Murphy, Eugene McGovern and Sara Pavia

Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, 2011, 29(5)

Peter A. Bullen and Peter E.D. Love

Build Back Better principles for post-disaster structural improvements, 2013, 31(4)

Sandeeka Mannakkara and Suzanne Wilkinson

BIM for building refurbishment and maintenance: current status and research directions, 2015, 33(3)

Assoc. Prof. Deniz Ilter and Prof Esin Ergen

Assessing building performance in residential buildings using BIM and sensor data, 2020, 38(1)

Dr. Kay Rogage, Dr. Adrian Clear, Dr. Zaid Alwan, Mr. Tom Lawrence and Dr. Graham Kelly

Sustainable refurbishment for school buildings: a literature review, 2021, 39(1)

Dr Kenneth Sungho Park, Dr Niluka Domingo, Dr Nalanie Mithraratne, Dr Eziaku Onyeizu Rasheed and Ms An Thi Hoai Le