New Trends in Heat and Fluid Flow: Applications and Recent Developments

Call for papers for: International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow

Submission deadline: 30th November 2020

Guest editor

Rahmat Ellahi, University of California Riverside

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Overview of special issue

Heat and fluid flow has an ability to deal with technological based systems and generally covers a wide variety of fundamental studies, theoretical mathematical modeling, numerical and experimental investigations relating to conduction, convection, condensation, boiling and radiation in systems, processes, materials and many other related objects.

This issue invites you to present your latest original research findings which are either advances in the state-of-the-art of mathematical methods, theoretical studies, or experimental studies that extend the bounds of existing methodologies to new contributions addressing current challenges and engineering problems related to increasing or decreasing the heat transfer distribution. We hope that this issue will serve as a platform for innovation and will provide up-to-date findings to readers and the scientific community.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Thermal management: Convection, conduction, radiation, heat transfer enhancement with micro- and nanofluids, nanoparticles and their shapes.
  • Fluid dynamics: Non-Newtonian fluids, Multiphase flows, combinations of MHD, slip
  • Heat and mass transfer in thermal energy; porous media; biological systems;
  • Advances in numerical methods (FVM, FEM, FDM, LBM, DSMC, MD, etc.)
  • Hybrids numerical methods
  • Validation, verification, and uncertainty quantification of commercial as well as open source software
  • Application of numerical modeling in biomedical and industrial engineering

Key dates

Submission window opens: 1st August 2020

Submission closing date: 30th November 2020

Final acceptance date: 1st May 2021

Submission details

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