Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Environment: Futuristic Management Perspectives and Practices

Call for papers for: Foresight

Submission Portal Open: 1st June 2021

Submission deadline: 30th October 2021


Across the globe, artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously reshaping businesses, trade interface economic activities and society at large by transforming customer experiences with organizations, employee experiences within organizations and their exchange relationships amongst varied stakeholders and citizens’ interests.

In the recent times, scholarly researches on AI have stemmed from different scholarly and practice oriented fields of knowledge. Social scientists have been discussing ethical and legal implications of AI with respect to privacy and security related facets, computer scientists have developed advanced deep learning algorithms to utilize its relevance in different walks of life such as medicine, energy, travel, education, banking, online learning, tourism, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, fashion, hospitality business, data sciences etc., while researchers in business management have studied the impacts of AI on customers, firms, and stakeholders in an increasingly automated and interrelated business world.

An emerging literature stream is starting to shed light on the AI-enabled issues, but there is much to be learned from applying novel theory-driven approaches in this significant area. In light of the emergent nature of this research stream in different domains of management, the objective of this special issue is to provide a more comprehensive understanding—and shape the research agenda —of the business systems, platforms, procedures and mechanisms underpinning different stakeholders experiences with reality-enhancing technologies and the transformative application of these technologies in management. Despite of AI’s promising developments in different industries, many firms struggle to effectively leverage (a combination of) these disruptive technologies to engage their stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders and society as large in novel AI-enabled experiences, empower them in decision making from numerous facets, strengthen the brand relations, and connect consumers with each other. So this special issue will enlighten the audience about it

The special issue will be focused on the futuristic approaches and innovations on the above disciplines and original research articles of high quality shall be considered to foster the research and innovation, where theoretical, systematic literature reviews, bibliometric, meta-analysis, case studies and empirical research articles that fall within some of the following topics (but not limited to) are addressed:

  • AI-enabled business systems and processes
  • AI-enabled applications – manufacturing, production, services etc.
  • AI-enabled interface – tourism, hospitality and travel industry
  • AI and business automation – Block chain, ERP, MIS etc.
  • AI in fashion – merchandizing, assortment, fulfilment, online fashion etc.
  • AI in healthcare – hospitals, health, medical and wellness centres
  • AI in food service industry – restaurants, online food apps, lounges, aggregators etc.
  • AI and its education – usage in teaching, learning and research etc.
  • AI and aviation – airline, airports, virtual interfaces etc.
  • AI and e-commerce – e-business, online shopping and e-tailing etc.

Keywords: AI, AI-enabled services, AI-enabled interface, virtual reality, augmented reality

Guest Editors

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Walia, Associate Professor and Head of Department, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India. E-mail: [email protected] ; [email protected]

Dr. Pradeep Kautish, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Email: [email protected]; [email protected]