Digital libraries and COVID-19: the “new normal”

Call for papers for: Digital Library Perspectives

Special issue, Part 2 

During the COVID-19 pandemic closure,  digital libraries received renewed interest, with many new users who were able to be introduced to digital services. Even with the reopening of libraries in the second phase of COVID-19, social distancing rules push for a concentration of  resources on the services of digital libraries. During the lockdown phase, the needs of the community were highlighted and these turned out to go beyond access to digital resources, including such needs as being part of a community, maintaining communication to avoid the feeling of isolation, to have fun and engage in activities with children and young people, facilitate learning and teaching of both students and teachers engaged in distance learning and so on.The new normal sees the need to continue offering services and strengthening relationships with communities by using digital libraries and online tools. 

Part 2 of our special issue on digital libraries and COVID-19 aims to understand the needs and challenges that resulted from the pandemic (and those that perhaps were already present before it) and highlight how digital libraries are responding to these challenges and adjusting to the “new normal”. We seek contributions answering questions such as the following: 

  • What needs of digital library communities were highlighted during the lockdown phase? 
  • How did the most innovative digital libraries meet the needs of their communities during the lockdown phase? 
  • What will be the "new normal" after the COVID-19 experience in digital libraries and their communities? 
  • What are the new digital services and activities that librarians carry out from their home offices to keep their digital  libraries alive and support communities? 
  • What are the digital library professionals' responsibilities for the "new normal"? 

We are interested in receiving papers highlighting current initiatives and best practices that digital libraries are engaging with, in order to deepen the conversation on how they are responding to this historic challenge. 

This special issue aims to be a platform for individuals and institutions to share reflections and experiences, to help us support each other as we collectively adapt, sadden and grow back stronger from this experience. 

Submissions should comply with the journal author guidelines and should be made through the ScholarOne Manuscripts, the online submission and peer review system.   

Important Dates:  

Initial submissions due date: July 1st, 2020  
Preliminary Feedback notification:  July 15th, 2020   
Revised submissions due:  August 1st, 2020   
Peer review / editorial decisions due:  August 20th, 2020   
Final submissions due:  September 30th, 2020   
Expected publication: Fall/Autumn 2020 

Questions can be directed to the editor in chief Anna Maria Tammaro ([email protected])