Drugs, Technologies and Cyber Markets

Call for papers for: Drugs and Alcohol Today

Guest Editors:

Dr Karenza Moore
University of Salford, UK
[email protected]

Dr Angus Bancroft
University of Edinburgh, UK
[email protected]


For this Special Issue of Drugs and Alcohol Today (DAT) we invite papers exploring the intersections of drugs, technologies and cyber markets, including cutting edge work on drugs and the surface web, social media apps, and ‘darknet’/ drug cryptomarkets. Illicit tobacco, illegal drugs, NPS, prescription medications, and performance/image enhancing drugs (PIEDS) are all available from cyber markets using networked technologies such as PCs and smart phones.

This special issue will focus on these intersections between drugs and technologies of all forms (e.g., communication, encryption, surveillance, payment and distributed production), with an emphasis on how technologies are transforming illicit drug markets, alongside vendor/buyer/user experiences. We also wish to engage with established and novel social theories for a deeper understanding of drugs, technologies and cybermarkets. The focus is both on how markets are changing, and how drugs are changing. We welcome contributions which deploy any relevant research approach, including interdisciplinary work. We also encourage academic researchers to co-author papers with non-academic experts in this field.

We are seeking submissions that cover any of the following themes:
NB: The following topics are indicative and not exhaustive. Papers on other topics under the main theme are welcome.

  • Social research on drugs, drug users, drug markets, and technologies (including the application of established approaches to existing and emergent fields of inquiry)
  •  Socio-cultural meanings, histories, and broader consequences of ‘drugs online’
  • Drug cyber markets (eg. surface web markets, smartphone apps, darknet/cryptomarkets, virtual/physical)
  •  Relationships between human and non-human actors (eg. vendors/buyers, law enforcement, developers, hardware/software/platforms)
  •  Key concepts in drugs, technologies and cyber markets (eg. anonymity, trust, risk, reputation, assimilation, adoption, exchange, transactions)
  • User-focused research on drugs, technologies and cyber markets (eg. emerging trends; risks/harms/pleasures)
  •  Advancing approaches to drugs, technologies and cyber market research (eg. innovative methods; theoretical tools and innovations; emergent ethics)
  • Transformative topics (eg. drug cyber markets in the mediasphere; drug cyber markets and drug policy change; drug cyber market futures; intersectional analysis, esp. gender and technologies/feminist approaches)

Submission deadline: February 29th, 2020
Scheduled publication: Issue 1, 2021

To submit your article please use the Journal’s submission site, ensuring you select the Special Issue on ‘Drugs, Technologies and Cyber Markets'.

Each submission will initially be reviewed by the guest editors, and if judged suitable for this publication, will be sent to at least two independent referees for double blind peer review. Potential contributors are welcome to contact Dr Karenza Moore ([email protected]) to discuss submissions in advance.

NB scholars who attend the Deviant Pleasures and Digital Technologies Symposium on 14th February 2020, in Manchester, UK, are particularly welcome to submit a paper for this Special Issue. For more information, please email Dr Karenza Moore at [email protected]