Call for blog posts on drugs, habits and social policy

As part of Drugs and Alcohol Today journal’s mission to explore the causal links between a range of health and public safety problems associated with drugs and addictions, the editors are keen to explore commentaries and viewpoints around social, economic, and political aspects of alcohol and other drugs via a series of blog posts.

Current blog posts can be read via the below links:

Peter Krykant & UK drug consumption rooms – is their time finally here? By Martin Powell

UN reclassification of cannabis achieves little for patients' rights by Sarah Godfrey

Access to essential medicines in the times of COVID-19: Messages from Mauritius by Blaine Stothard

A comment on drug policies on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by Axel Klein and Blaine Stothard

If you are interested in developing a future blog post, please contact the editors in the first instance:

Axel Klein
Global Drug Observatory, Swansea University - UK
[email protected][email protected]

Blaine Stothard
Independent Consultant UK
[email protected]

Aysel Sultan
Frankfurt Institute for Addiction Research - Germany
[email protected]