Socio-economic assessment of diet on health and quality of life

Call for papers for: British Food Journal

A correct nutritional regime exists when food safety is combined with adequate care and food practices to ensure healthy living for the whole community: the nutritional level of populations often acts as a proxy for the level of progress of a country. Strengthening and promoting the commitment of food and health systems is the new and innovative strategy to improve nutritional security. Today's public opinion is subject to a pressing awareness campaign aimed at making known the main health consequences due to incorrect food choices. The calculations related to the high health costs associated with poor nutritional habits have made the theme of nutritional measures crucial in all the political agendas elaborated in the European and international context. Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of preventive and curative medicine and on the basis of a cost-effectiveness analysis, it is believed that better health outcomes can be achieved for each euro spent guaranteeing the population an adequate nutritional intake. The report published by the International Obesity Task Force shows that malnutrition in Europe is constantly increasing and, in some areas, it reaches the same percentages registered in the USA. However, the determination of the economic impact remains the most complex part of the general assessments. 

In light of the growing interest in the potential benefit that society might have from integrating the health economy into clinical decisions, this new special issue of British Food Journal will present new insights that have never been covered previously. The thematic dealing with of the bond among diet, health, environmental and socio-economic aspects presents a novel approach thank to the recent worldwide health issues. The latter has relevant importance that is addressing the new paths in a changing food world. Moreover, this special issue will collect studies on emerging strategies, technologies, new paradigms useful to improve human heath without neglecting environmental problems and social costs.

Anticipated topics for submissions include:

  • Diet, health and food innovation
  • Mediterranean Diet and health impacts
  • Food impact on quality of life
  • Quality of life and sustainability
  • Assessment of environmental impact of healthy diet
  • Case study on diet and life expectancy
  • Big data and management of Food Supply Chain
  • Quality control food
  • Social determinants of health food
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of healthy lifestyle impacts
  • Economic aspects linked to quality of life and health
  • Socio-economic assessment of diet on health systems

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