Watch BEPAM Editor’s Webinar with the CIB

Built Environment Project and Asset Management

In the third Meet the Editor Series from the CIB, Prof. Mohan Kumaraswamy - Editor-in-Chief of the CIB-recognised Built Environment Project and Asset Management (BEPAM) journal - highlights insights and examples of authoring and reviewing journal papers.

Prof. Kumaraswamy gives an overview of the reputable and game-changing BEPAM journal which is widely indexed and ESCI-ranked by Clarivate. BEPAM’s scope deliberates on, disseminates and validates cutting-edge research and development in construction project management and infrastructure asset management. Importantly, BEPAM targets the interface issues between project management and asset management of building and civil engineering infrastructure but also welcomes papers that focus on either project management or asset management issues.

Speaking from an Editor perspective, Prof. Kumaraswamy gives insights into the important question “What makes a good paper?” and discusses the vital manuscript review process.

Prof. Kumaraswamy’s webinar, in collaboration with the CIB, gives a highly informative look into BEPAM and the key questions authors and editors have around the process of authoring and reviewing papers.

To watch the webinar, follow this link.