Upcoming Special Issue: Architecture, Urbanism, and Health in a Post Pandemic Virtual World


Architecture, Urbanism, and Health in a Post Pandemic Virtual World: Challenges and Opportunities in Education, Research, and Practice

Guest Editors: Prof. Ashraf M. Salama, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK and Dr Beatriz Maturana Cossio, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
Intended Issue: Volume 15, issue 1,  March 2021

The relationship between architecture, urbanism, and health is an overarching theme in this special issue. However, the primary objective and focus of this call is to instigate a discourse about the potential contribution of architecture and urban design and planning in generating knowledge that responds to pressing questions about future considerations of post pandemic architecture and urbanism. Some of these questions include:

  • What is the nature of transformations in urban dynamics post pandemic?
  • What are the key socio-spatial implications of distancing measures?
  • Could COVID-19 alter the understanding of urban space and urban life dialectics? And would engagement with nature be favoured over human-human / human-built environment engagement?
  • Would post-pandemic epoch generate new environments that accommodate new living/working styles?
  • What are the manifestations of impacts of health, disease spread, and pandemics on the future of architectural and urban education, research, and practice?