Named in memory of a pioneering woman in the field of management and accountability literature who was international and interdisciplinary in her approach.

Outstanding Paper

Jeffrey Unerman and Jan Bebbington
Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: an enabling role of accounting research, AAAJ Vol 31 Issue 1, pp.2-24

High Commendations

Previous Winners

2017 Ivo de Loo and Alan Lowe2016 Marie-Soleil Tremblay , Yves Gendron , Bertrand Malsch
2015 Ioana Lupu and Laura Empson
2014 Claire-France Picard, Sylvain Durocher and Yves Gendron
2013 Zahirul Hoque, Mark A. Covaleski and Tharusha N. Gooneratne
2012 Christine Cooper and Joanne Johnston
2011 Doris M. Merkl-Davies, Niamh M. Brennan and Stuart J. Mcleay
2010 Barbara D. Merino, Alan G. Mayper, Thomas D. Tolleson
2009 Markus Milne, Helen Tregidga and Sara Walton
2008 Georgios Georgakopoulos and Ian Thomson
2007 Rihab Khalifa, Nina Sharma, Christopher Humphrey, Keith Robson
2006 Maria Cadiz Dyball, Wai Fong Chua and Chris Poullaos
2005 William Shafer and Yves Gendron
2004 Jesse Dillard, John T Rigsby and Carrie Goodman
2003 Dean Neu, Constance Friesen and Jeffery Everett jointly with Sue Llewellyn
2002 Jane Broadbent and Richard Laughlin
2001 John Holland
2000 Gordon Boyce
1999 Timothy Fogarty and Vaughan Radcliffe
1998 Warwick Funnell
1997 Sue Llewellyn
1996 Robert Scapens and Christopher Humphrey
1995 Richard Laughlin
1994 Leslie Oakes, Judith Considine and Steven Gould
1993 Christopher Humphrey, Peter Miller and Robert Scapens
1992 Hugh Willmott, Anthony Puxty, Keith Robson, David Cooper and Anthony Lower