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Proudly supporting our communities in making a real difference

The Emerald journals publishing team reflect on the achievements of 2021, and look forward to 2022 and the many opportunities to support our communities in making a real difference.

"It’s been a great year for our Journals Programme in helping to achieve real-world impact. We have hit our publication target of more than 15,200 articles in our strategically important subject disciplines and, through increased commissioning activities working with our editorial teams, we have grown the volume of interdisciplinary research articles aligned to the SDGs and our Emerald Goals. We continue to help amplify the important role of the social and applied sciences in the fight against COVID-19 with special sections and themed special issues."

Sally Wilson
Publishing Director

"I am so proud to be a part of our newly launched journal Technological Sustainability. With topics ranging from Renewable Energies to Social Responsibility in Production, the journal promises to be truly interdisciplinary in nature. Projects like these are why I got into publishing – I believe we are making a real contribution to the world!"

Daniel Ridge
Commissioning Editor

"I’m delighted to be able to showcase some of the amazing content that has been commissioned by our excellent internal and external editorial teams. As expected, Emerald’s publishing programme this year has been dominated by COVID-19, with our authors providing so many fascinating perspectives – from the expectations we have of our leaders, to the impact on educational settings, to the consequences for manufacturing and supply chains, and the implications for child protection. It’s great to see so much quality, relevant and impactful research coming through across our subject portfolios. With submissions continuing to increase, a thriving open access pipeline and more growth planned for next year, our journals programme really is going from strength to strength."

Stephanie Hull
Head of Content Acquisition


High Altmetrics score

Altmetrics score: 470

Remote working, management control changes and employee responses during the COVID-19 crisis
G.F. Delfino and B. van der Kolk
Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Altmetrics score: 293

Quality 4.0 and its impact on organizational performance: an integrative viewpoint
J. Antony, M. Sony, S. Furterer, O. McDermott and M. Pepper
The TQM Journal

Altmetrics score: 268

Encountering misinformation online: antecedents of trust and distrust and their impact on the intensity of  Facebook use
Y. Cheng and Z.F. Chen
Online Information Review

Highly cited

Beyond panic buying: consumption displacement and COVID-19
M.C. Hall, G. Prayag, P. Fieger and D. Dyason
Journal of Service Management

Two decades of research on nation branding: a review and future research agenda
Andy W. Hao, Justin Paul, Sangeeta Trott, Chiquan Guo, and Heng-Hui Wu
International Marketing Review

Supply chain sustainability: learning from the COVID-19 pandemic
J. Sarkis
International Journal of Operations & Production Management

Highly downloaded articles

Downloads: 11,000+

Leadership matters in crisis-induced digital transformation: how to lead service employees effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic
S. Bartsch, E. Weber, M. Büttgen and A. Huber
Journal of Service Management

Downloads: 10,000+

The UK is not innocent’: black lives matter, policing and abolition in the UK
R. Joseph–Salisbury, L. Connelly and P. Wangari-Jones
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal

Downloads: 9,000+

Working from home, job satisfaction and work-life balance – robust or heterogeneous links?
L. Bellmann and O. Hübler
International Journal of Manpower

Downloads: 8,000+

COVID-19: potential effects on Chinese citizens’ lifestyle and travel
J. Wen, M. Kozak, S. Yang, and F. Liu
Tourism Review

Downloads: 7,000+

Attractiveness, trustworthiness and expertise – social influencers’ winning formula?
K. Wiedmann and W. von Mettenheim
Journal of Product & Brand Management

Downloads: 6,000+

Online education during COVID-19: perception of academic stress and emotional intelligence coping strategies among college students
Y. Chandra
Asian Education and Development Studies

Downloads: 6,000+

We aren’t your reincarnation!’ Workplace motivation across X, Y and Z generations
A.B. Mahmoud, L. Fuxman, I. Mohr, W.D. Reisel and N. Grigoriou
International Journal of Manpower

Downloads: 6,000+

The influence of social distancing on employee wellbeing: A conceptual framework and research agenda
S. Tuzovic and S. Kabadayi
Journal of Service Management

Linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Women Leaders
Journal of Managerial Psychology

The Future of Food: Responsible Production, Acquisition, Consumption, and Disposition
British Food Journal

Preparing the Humanitarian Supply Chain for Epidemics and Pandemic Responses
Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Broken chocolate: biomarkers as a method for delivering cocoa supply chain visibility
P. Lafargue, M. Rogerson, G.C. Parry and J. Allainguillaume
Supply Chain Management

As cheap as humanly possible: why consumers care less about worker welfare
T. Stringer, A.R. Payne and G. Mortimer
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management

Advancing SDG competencies in higher education: exploring an interdisciplinary pedagogical approach
K. Alm, M. Melén, and C. Aggestam-Pontoppidan
International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

Continuous e-learning at the workplace: the passport for the future of knowledge
A. Kapo, A. Mujkic, L. Turulja and J. Kovačević
Information Technology & People

Safeguarding children under Covid-19: What are we learning?
J. Pearce and C. Miller
Journal of Children’s Services Journal of Children’s Services

Used in policy

Behind the scenes: spotlight on the entrepreneurship educator
B. Wraae and A. Walmsley
Education + Training
Referenced in European Commission report on ‘Peer learning in entrepreneurship education and in women’s entrepreneurship’

COVID-19’s impact on the hospitality workforce – new crisis or amplification of the norm?
T. Baum, S.K.K. Mooney, R.N.S. Robinson and D. Solnet
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
Cited by the publications office of the European Union, report on ‘Relaunchin

Understanding blockchain technology for future supply chains: a systematic literature review and research agenda
Y. Wang, J.H. Han and P. Beynon-Davies
Supply Chain Management
Referenced in European Commission study panel on ‘Blockchain for supply chains and international trade’

Notable new editors

English Teaching: Practice & Critique
Robert Petrone (University of Missouri) and
Vaughn Watson (Michigan State University)

Joining the Health & Social Care collection:

Drugs & Alcohol Today
Dr Marta Rychert (Massey University, New Zealand)

Advances in Dual Diagnosis
Jacqui Cameron (University of Wollongong, Australia)

International Journal of Workplace Health Management
Kathrin Kirchner (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

Managerial Auditing Journal
Professor Jie Zhou (California State University, Fullerton, USA)

International Journal of Structural Integrity
Dr José A.F.O. Correia (University of Porto, Portugal)
Prof Shun-Peng Zhu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, People’s Republic of China)

Management & Sustainability: An Arab Review – Content freely available in 2022

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