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How do I create a user profile on Emerald Insight?

Personalise your research journey with an Emerald Insight user Profile.

You can watch our video demonstration or read our user guide below to find out more.

Video demonstration

Creating a user profile

Save searches and set up content alerts with your own Emerald Insight Profile.


How-to guide:
Creating a user profile

How do I search, browse & navigate content?

Choose your route to discover content, then navigate with ease to pin-point exactly what you need.

You can watch our video demonstrations or read our user guide below to find out more.

Video demonstration

Quick and advanced search

Enter specific words and phrases into quick and advanced search to view relevant content.

Video demonstration

Browse by content type

You can browse by journals, books, case studies and expert briefings

Video demonstration

Navigate your search results

Make the most of your search results – either narrow down or broaden your search.


How to guide:
Search & browse


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How can I set up content alerts?

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