How Brexit is changing women’s lives podcast

As we navigate our way through the challenges of 2021, we are finally finding out the answer to that perennial question – what does Brexit actually mean?

In this episode, we are asking what Brexit means for women, and if it heralds a further rollback of women’s rights. Feminist Activists on Brexit: from the political to the personal is a recently published edited collection that brings together the Brexit experiences of feminist activists from across the UK.

We talk to four of the contributors about who’s voices were left out of the Brexit debate, and what that means for the women in those communities.

Speaker profiles

Moestak Hussein, Counter Extremism Coordinator, Bristol City Council @MoestakHussein

Tove Samzelius, Department of Sociology, Malmo University @TSamzelius

Lynn Carvill, (Women’s Budget Group Northern Ireland) @lynncarvill

Emma Ritch (Engender Scotland)  @EngenderScot @EmmaRitch

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In this episode

  • The impact of the Brexit narrative on minority communities in the UK
  • The role of grassroots organizations and minority communities in policy and decision-making
  • How activism supports women's participation in transformative democratic processes
  • The implications of Brexit for women in Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • What policymakers can do to mitigate the impact of Brexit on women and women’s rights.

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