Emerald Literati

You're a winner!

Now it's time to share the good news with your colleagues and peers... Here are some tips to help you.

Your award-winning research has been made freely available to enable you to share your success with your communities.

Sharing your work will also increase its global reach and potential for creating change.

Share your success

We will promote the awards and celebrate the winners through our social media channels. Connect with us so you don’t miss our posts.

You can increase the impact of your work by sharing on your own social media channels.  Join in conversations, highlighting your research and potentially reach a global network as others comment, share and like your work.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are all great ways to ensure your research is part of current conversations.

Don’t forget to add #LiteratiAwards when posting about your award.

If you’d like to use an image with your social posts, we’ve created some for you to use.

To download an image, right-click and 'save link as'

Add an email banner

On average, a person sends over 40 emails a day. Why not add the relevant award winner banners to your email signature and set up a hyperlink to your research?

Just copy and paste the banner into the signatures part of your email settings. Some systems will allow you to hyperlink the banner, if not, copy the banner into a word document (or alternative), then highlight and add a hyperlink. Once you have hyperlinked the banner, you can copy and paste this version to the email signatures area of your email settings.







Contact your press office

Why not let your organisation's press office know about your award? This is a great good news story for both you and your organisation.

If your press team would like to speak to someone at Emerald about sending out a press release, please email [email protected].

Send a photo for our winners' gallery

We have an awards winners' gallery on our Facebook page to showcase our winners.

If you would like us to add your photo holding your certificate, please send it to [email protected]. Please state your permission for Emerald to post the photo on our website and social media, and we will add this to the gallery for everyone to see.

Photos are added every Wednesday, also known as Awards Wednesday!