Years of Design Creativity Research: What is Industry Aware of?

Submission deadline 31 January 2022

Overview of special issue

That of creativity is often a misused term, appearing in many articles and used by many industrial practitioners. However, there are several contributions that discuss and argue about creativity with scientific soundness and robustness, providing important suggestions about what actually Design Creativity is, how to support it and how to measure it. The aim of this special issue is to retrieve a set of high quality scientific contributions discussing and/or showing if and to what extent, decades of research efforts in Design Creativity affected industrial practice. A picture of the current situation is expected, from which it would be possible to highlight what has been actually achieved, how large is the focus on creativity in industry, and what still needs to be done. More specifically, it is expected to extract information about what hinders the diffusion of such a kind of research findings in industry and the adoption of creativity-oriented practices.

Contributions expected for the proposed special issue are expected to focus on industrial applications, but also require to face creativity in a comprehensive and robust way. Indeed, many papers can be found in literature where the word "creativity" is used as a buzzword. In this special issue, creativity is intended to be discussed scientifically and with a solid industrial/engineering perspective.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Creativity assessment in Industry: objectives, scope and impact of acknowledged and/or new creativity metrics on product design and development processes.
  • Creativity issues in industrial practice.
  • Creativity concepts and their adoption in different engineering contexts.
  • Case studies where the adoption of creativity research provided measurable benefits from the Industry viewpoint.
  • Industry-Academia communication: does Design Creativity research help?
  • Understanding what Industry actually needs from Design Creativity research.
  • Educational aspects of creativity and their impact on the diffusion of Design Creativity research in Industry.
  • Patents and creativity: how creativity research can help Industry in reaching the patentability of their products?
  • Creativity as a fundamental parameter for prototyping strategies in Industry.
  • The Industry viewpoint on the actual role of additive manufacturing technology as a source of creativity.
  • The Industry viewpoint on eco-design, eco-innovation and sustainability as a source of creativity.

Submission information

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