Wearable and E-Textiles for Sports, Well-being and Medical Applications

Submission window closes: 11 April 2022

Overview of special issue

The use of E-textiles in sports and wellbeing is a growing market worth $2 billion. Researchers often seek innovative ways to noninvasively assess bio signals. Traditionally, many devices can monitor vital body data for a short period despite the necessity of longer time monitoring and continuous monitoring, which require new wearable technologies. This necessitates the need to provide new concepts and materials for effective man-machine interfaces by designing and developing textile-based sensors fully integrated unobtrusively with clothing with comfort and ease of use.

As an initial step of this revolutionary domain, electronic sensors and systems integrated with textile substrates in garments for specific health and well-being applications have been recently replaced by fibrous devices. Electrical and electronic elements integrated textiles in garments contribute to the development of smart wearable systems, by major technological advancements in sensors, cyber-physical systems, and nano devices. The recent advancements in stimuli-responsive surfaces and interfaces, sensors, flexible electronics, nano-coatings, and conductive materials have resulted in the development of a new generation of smart and adaptable electronic textiles, yarns, and fabrics.

This special issue “Wearable and E-Textiles for Sports, Well-being and Medical Applications” opens a platform for publishing new and original investigations and reviews on soft electronic components and SMART sensors, flexible and electrically conductive textiles with intelligent capabilities, biological functions, and other new functionalities for improving quality of life.

Key themes

  • Multifunctional textile materials
  • SMART garments
  • Textile electrical and electronics components
  • Smart E-Textile sensors
  • Intelligent medical and healthcare textiles
  • Advanced device design, fabrication, and integration
  • Textile materials in the medical applications (Operation theatres and remote patient monitoring)
  • Interactive electronic fibers and textiles: OEM and end-user capabilities
  • Nanoparticles for yarns, fabrics, apparel, and clothing
  • Interconnectivity, batteries, and wearable communication systems

Guest editors

Prof. S. Smys, [email protected]

RVS Technical Campus, Affiliated to Anna University, India

Prof. Ram Palanisamy, [email protected]

St. Francis Xavier University, Gerald Schwartz School of Business, Canada

Prof. Hui-Ming Wee, [email protected]

Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Prof. Á lvaro Rocha, [email protected]

ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

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Submission window closes: 11 April 2022