Technology infused education, preparing graduates for a digital employment market

Submission window opens: 1 August 2022

Overview of special issue

Graduate Work Readiness (GWR) has been the focus of many research papers and policy documents from international bodies, government, employers, and education providers. In recent times, there has been increasing research on the role of technology on learning and the development of graduate employability skills as education providers transition themselves towards online learning.

This special issue will aim to bridge research into technology infused education and GWR, addressing the topic of preparing graduates for a digital employment market through technology infused education from both an international as well as employer and government-led perspective. This issue will enable better understanding of the role of technology in transitioning graduates to the digital employment market, allowing comparison between stakeholder perspectives.  

As a result of this special issue, research will be taken forward in two ways: firstly, through examining stakeholder perspectives of technology and its role in developing employability skills and preparing graduates for the disruptive employment market; and, secondly, through providing insight into the human capital of the future, and how both educational establishments and employers intend to future proof their graduates and ease the transition to industry 4.0.   

Key themes

  • Human capital theory, policy and practice 
  • Technology and Graduate Work Readiness 
  • Technology(ies) to develop employability skills 
  • The future of work and employment in the 4th Industrial Revolution 
  • Employability, work readiness and skills mismatches  
  • Competence, accreditation and qualifications 
  • Education, training and human capital formation 
  • Soft skills and well-being 
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion  
  • High performance work systems and worker well-being

Submission details

Submission window opens: 1 August 2022

Submission window closes: 1 May 2023

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