Safety and Civility: Reframing the Contexts Regarding Workplace Violence and Incivility


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Key deadlines

Opening date: 10th April 2023
Closing date for manuscripts submission: 1st October 2023   


In 2011, my colleagues Vaughan Bowe and Michael Privetera and I wrote an article, published in the Journal of Aggression, Conflict, and Peace Research, entitled “Reducing Workplace Violence by Creating Healthy Environments”. That article serves as the springboard for this Special Issue of  the JACPR, in which a  translational science approach is used to address the question of why people engage in workplace violence and incivility. Once we know why people engage in a behaviour, we can teach them more efficient and appropriate ways to achieve the goals of their behaviours in ways that provide safety and civility, which are the opposite of conflict and aggression and are the prerequisites to peace.

During the intervening years between the publication of this article and the upcoming publication of this Special Issue of JACPR, Safety and Civility, Workplace Violence and Incivility have been the subject of hundreds of different articles, books, and conferences. Despite all this academic research, the rates of WPV and WI have remained stubbornly stable in a multitude of research articles. This issue, therefore, will focus on practices in a broad range of workplaces that have successfully reduced the frequency duration, and intensity of WPV and WI. Contributions will be sought from throughout the world and from first time authors whose primary focus is as practitioners. 

The differing typologies of WPV/WI result in an inability to accurately describe the scope of the issues at the root of violence and incivility. Aggression by individuals receiving services and/or supports with a high degree of restrictive practices (RP’s) are higher than in settings where RP’s are restricted. Recent literature describes the solutions to WPV/WI as scarce and ineffective in papers published from different countries (Bambi it al, 2017, Armstrong 2018, Holm et al 2022) Contributors to this Special Issue will be asked to focus on what Scott Miller calls Practice Based Evidence, rather than Evidence Based Practice. Solutions to WPV/WI that cross traditional academic boundaries and can be replicated in different workplace environments will be prioritized, with the hope that the next Special Issue will be able to celebrate successes in the establishment of safety and civility for all people.

List of topic areas

  • A behavioural approach to understanding Workplace Violence and Workplace Incivility.
  • Evidence of effective models of prevention of WPV and WI.                                                     
  • The use of restrictive practices in managing behaviours of concern as antecedents for WPV.
  • Regulatory and organizational contributions to cultures which empower or disempower WPV and WI.

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Guest Editor

Bob Bowen, Adjunct Professor of Social Work, Malone University, Canton, Ohio, USA: [email protected]