Rethinking In-Service Social Studies Teacher Professional Development in Polarizing Times

Submission Deadline Date: 10 January 2023

Guest Editors:

Chrystal S. Johnson, Purdue University, USA, [email protected]

Yonghee Suh, Old Dominion University, USA, [email protected]

Kathryn Obenchain, Purdue University, USA, [email protected]

John Broome, Purdue University, USA, [email protected]


We recognize that the current climate in the Unites States may onerously challenge the radius and nature of in-service social studies teacher professional development opportunities. Yes, we get that it is tough out there! As educators, however, we are inclined and obligated to facilitate learning. In-service social studies professional development, whether formal or informal, credit or non-credit, etc., is essential to what we do. Teachers are life-long learners and professional development is one way to facilitate that learning. Understanding what is, and how do we do in-service social studies teacher professional development in the current polarizing times is both timely and warranted. 

Our Goal:

This special issue serves as a call to action to share our successes, to share our struggles, and to begin a conversation on where we go next. The content of this special issue will include manuscripts related to structuring and researching social studies in-service professional development experiences in the United States when political scrutiny calls into question what and how we teach social studies in an era defined by misinformation. Specifically, what social studies professional development (PD) are you facilitating with in-service teachers? What impact does the PD have on teacher learning? On teacher practice? On P-12 learning? Finally, how are these experiences affected by the current polarizing environment we are living and working in?

List of Topic Areas:

  • Define the challenge for social studies teachers and those who conduct professional development in the current political, social, and economic context.
  • Describe the literature and research related to effectual professional development and/or teaching during polarizing times.
  • Provide practical suggestions and guidance for those designing professional development during the current political, social, and economic context. 
  • Ponder and predict the future of social studies professional development for P-12 educators, as well as teacher educators. 

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Key Deadlines:

Opening date for manuscript submissions: 20 September 2022
Closing date for manuscript submissions: 10 January 2023