The relationship between nutrition and COVID-19

Guest editor(s)
Dr Mauro Lombardo,


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on health care, and social and economic repercussions, worldwide in recent months. A huge number of studies have been published in the last two years trying to establish a connection between diets, supplements, micronutrients and prevention/therapy of COVID-19. Despite the relevance of nutritional research related to COVID-19, the existing evidence is remarkably poor. Therefore, increasing the evidence on the potential key contribution of nutritional status and nutritional care to COVID-19 is an  important priority.  


The special issue aims to assess whether nutritional status could improve the body's ability to prevent and heal COVID-19 infection. In addition, manuscripts assessing whether changes in dietary intake and physical activity due to COVID-19 could influence nutritional status will be accepted.  


Although thousands of papers have been published evaluating possible correlations between nutrition and COVID-19, there is a need for a more objective and less emergent investigation of what dietary interventions might be useful in preventing or treating COVID-19.  


List of topic areas 

  • Malnutrition risk
  • Micronutrient status
  • Medical-nutritional treatment
  • Obesity and malnutrition
  • Special patient groups: chronic and liver diseases, cancer, diabetes, the elderly etc.


Guest Editor

Dr Mauro Lombardo 

Department of Human Sciences and Promotion of the Quality of Life, San Raffaele Open University, Rome, Italy 

[email protected] 


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