The Post-COVID-19 International Housing Markets


Overview of special issue

The aim of this special issue is to examine the impacts of the pandemic on international housing markets, which is of critical relevance to global urban future. The pandemic has sped up work-from-home and e-commerce across the global cities and regions. This shift can revolutionise residential location choice theories as people and retailers may no longer have incentives to stay close to the city centres by paying higher rents. Also, a synchronised rebound of housing prices during the pandemic in most of the developed countries is predominantly beyond the expectations of their governments and central bankers; many economies have experienced unprecedented swings of recession and inflation. Policy makers are debating on the causes of the housing price surge and looking for evidence. This special issue will have direct global relevance to home buyers, investors, policy makers, bankers, practitioners and researcher.

List of key themes

  • International fund flows' affect on housing prices;
  • Deglobalisation and decoupling impacts on housing markets;
  • Money supply and the synchronisation of global house price changes; and
  • How do changes of people’s behaviour such as work-from-home and e-commerce induced by COVID-19 shape the international housing markets?

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