Police Staffing: Global Perspectives and Local Realities

Submissions open 1st October 2023


The principal aim of this special issue is to offer a comprehensive and nuanced analysis of police staffing, expanding upon existing literature while actively inviting fresh perspectives. While previous studies have provided valuable insights into key aspects of police staffing, including recruitment, retention, and allocation, numerous dimensions remain relatively unexplored. These include but are not limited to workload demand, efficiency, scheduling, and the infrastructural underpinnings of staffing. This issue aspires to address these gaps, and we warmly invite contributions that introduce innovative angles, methodologies, or theoretical frameworks. To guide but not prescribe the discourse, this special issue initially focuses on several indicative themes:

  • The global contours and variations of police staffing.
  • The internal dynamics that shape staffing decisions and their ramifications.
  • The reciprocal interplay between staffing and other crucial facets such as crime rates and resource allocation.
  • Uncharted territories in the domain of resource allocation within police staffing.
  • The demystification of widespread myths and misconceptions surrounding this topic.

We recognize the value of divergent viewpoints and unique lines of inquiry. Therefore, while these themes offer a starting point, we strongly encourage submissions that venture beyond them, exploring novel questions and issues that enrich our collective understanding of police staffing. The growing societal and scholarly attention to police staffing highlights the urgency of this special issue. Discussions at academic conferences, professional practitioner reporting, and media coverage underscore the subject’s broader relevance, complemented by the strong citation metrics of recent research.

In sum, this special issue aims to serve as a fertile ground for both established scholars and emerging voices in the field. We seek to stimulate academic discourse, enrich theoretical frameworks, and provide actionable insights for policy and practice. It is our hope that this issue will act as a foundational resource for future research while offering practical guidance for those engaged in the multifaceted challenge of police staffing.

List of topic areas

  • Exploring the global dimensions of police staffing.
  • Highlighting the importance of internal staffing dynamics.
  • Investigating the reciprocal relationship between determinants and outcomes of police staffing.
  • Unveiling the underexplored topic of resource allocation in police staffing.
  • Debunking prevalent misconceptions about police staffing.

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