Navigating Multiple Transitions


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The aim of the Special Issue is to offer a space to discuss how companies active in the transition process address global ESG challenges and how they cope with transdisciplinary complexity as well as unusually extended time horizons. Facing a transforming financial system and a new paradigm of sustainable value creation with additional physical and transformation risks (Campiglio et al., 2022) on one side, and valuable opportunities on the other side, many new questions arise. How do they go from “inside-out” approach (risk management) to outside-in approach (impact management) considering double materiality in the European Sustainability Reporting Standard? While both the academic literature and business practice offer evidence for conflicting priorities in sustainability actions, the concept of multiple transitions, in particular twin and just transitions, remain the unexplored topic. Furthermore, various organizations, including universities and business schools, shall also undergo a radical education and research transformation in the face of polycrisis (Loorbach et al., 2023). How, then, should the methods and content of teaching change? Will graduates be better prepared to navigate ethically, responsibly, and effectively in multiple transitions? Additionally, the inclusion of diverse stakeholders in this discourse is crucial. 

List of Topic Areas

  • Decarbonization strategies and policies 
  • Closing the loop, resource efficiency and just transition 
  • Diversity and inclusion within the context of multiple transitions 
  • Sustainable finance: from regulation to value creation 
  • Industrial Organization (IO) of sustainable manufacturing transition 
  • Ethical framework for digital technologies 
  • Key AI-driven digital technologies for sustainable transitions 
  • Impact measurement and management 
  • The use of digitalization and AI-based solutions for sustainability-related goals 
  • Transformative education: impacting mindsets and structures

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Key Deadlines

Closing date for manuscripts submission: 31/01/2024

Guest Editors

Ivo Matser, Chief Executive Officer, ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society, Belgium, [email protected] 
Boleslaw Rok, Associate Professor, Kozminski University, [email protected] 
Anna Maria Górska, Assistant Professor, Director of the Women and Diversity in Organizations Research Center, Kozminski University, [email protected]