Multilatinas in the era of Uncertainties



In this special issue, we call for contributions that address the specific topic of Multilatinas. More specifically, we are seeking contributions that aim at discussing, theoretically and empirically, the dynamics and strategies of Multilatinas considering the changes in the global and regional contexts.

Prospective manuscripts can be empirical (using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods) or conceptual to contribute to developing new insights into the general phenomenon of Multinationals from emerging economies. However, we emphasize approaches to IB from the perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean. Notwithstanding the primary focus of the special issue, we would welcome exciting works that deal with comparative studies between Multilatinas and other Emerging Multinationals.

 We believe that the case of Multilatinas can point to the limitations of the internationalization of emerging Multinationals. A higher level of multinationality may imply enlarging ownership advantages (transactional). This suggests that the main focus is on upgrading the home country operations by exploring new sources of advantage through more innovative capabilities in more advanced economies, and less to sustain a global market positioning. 

Therefore, we expect to contribute to the current debate in the IB on Multilatinas by providing theoretical and empirical evidence on how the high dependency on the home market of Multilatinas represents a limitation and opportunities for regional firms to go abroad. On the other hand, the disruption of asset-seeking strategies can imply the surge of new liabilities that can hinder the ongoing process by Multilatinas to upgrade their capabilities and build sustainable ownership advantages. Such dilemma in the internationalization framework may imply critical limitations to speed the transition of the Multilatinas from regionally oriented internationalization to innovative Global leader Multinational, but can pave the way to advance theories on Multinational Companies.


List of topic areas


  • What is the effect of the home country on the international development of Multilatinas? Particularly the recent changes in the political and economic contexts in the region.
  • What are the limitations and challenges faced by Multilatinas in their internationalization?
  • International entry mode and upmarket strategies;
  • Multilationality-performance relationship,
  • How do Multilatinas cope with risks and uncertainties driven by the changes in the global context and the pandemic?
  • Which Business Models of internationalization can rise from this new global and regional context?
  • Comparing strategies and performances of Multilatinas to other emerging economies Multinationals.
  • Multilatinas' legitimacy/reputation in a sustainable world.


Guest Editors

 Mohamed Amal,

Regional University of Blumenau and Univali, Brazil,

[email protected] 

 Dinorá Eliete Floriani ,  

University of Vale do Itajaí (UNIVALI), Brazil,  

[email protected]

Juan Carlos Sosa Varela,

Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Puerto Rico, [email protected]

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