The modern power supply systems


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The market penetration of renewable energies is driving up demand for high-efficiency power supply systems and power converters to facilitate energy transfer between renewable sources and loads. To enhance the performance of the power converters, researchers are investigating precise analytical techniques, ideal design, and cutting-edge control methodologies. The performance over a broad voltage range can be considerably enhanced by adopting a new control method or novel topologies. Additionally, if an ideal management strategy were offered, the integration of various suppliers may be more effective. Furthermore, the WBG, a dependable new switching transistor technology, ensures the safe functioning of equipment, enhances performance and efficiency, and boosts longevity.

In view of these matters, this special issue attempts to publish novel research on modern power supply systems for various applications. This includes cutting-edge modulation and control techniques, novel topologies, improved design and analysis, and energy-efficient management algorithms. All with the goal of raising effectiveness, power density, reliability, robustness, minimizing costs, and adhering to regulations. We encourage original submissions that include experimental validation or real-time hardware-in-the-loop validation.


List of topic areas

  • Design, modelling and control of DC/DC converters.
  • Efficiency of DC/DC converters.
  • Design, modelling and control of DC/AC two, three and multilevel voltage and current source inverters with the new switching transistors technology (WBG).
  • Inverters’ EMC increasing solutions including the influence of the pulse width modulation algorithms.
  • Implementing renewable energy sources in supply systems cooperating with photo voltaic modules or wind turbines, taking in care the various maximum power point tracking algorithms in PV supply systems.
  • All the other modern power supply system’s problems.
  • New technologies for energy generation, planning, and scheduling.
  • Energy management and optimization of energy systems.


Guest Editors

Zbigniew Rymarski,
Silesian University of Technology, Poland,
[email protected]

Mohammed Alhasheem,
Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, Egypt,
[email protected]


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Key Deadlines

Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 27 March 2023
Closing date for manuscripts submission: 31 December 2023