Managing higher education in developing countries

Submission Deadline Date: 23 March 2023


Higher education in many developing countries worldwide is experiencing institutional challenges around funding, infrastructure, and enhancing students' teaching and learning experiences. Though these Universities in developing countries are doing their best to remain relevant and meet the demands of their students, they have their struggles that call for a different approach to dealing with the impact of the pandemic. 

In addition, while Internationalization and marketisation of universities are essential for the commercial viability of many Universities, emerging countries seldom attract international students. Instead, students from these countries are attracted to universities in the developed world. Likewise, The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these issues, calling for a more holistic understanding of these inherent challenges and a better management and leadership approach to address these unique issues.

Previous studies on higher education management have often been from the global north and developed countries with more advanced and established higher education systems; this special issue will provide a new contribution by recognising the inherent challenges of higher education in developing countries and providing theoretical and practical recommendations on managing higher educations within the context of these countries. This special issue will provide insights that are very specific to the needs of higher education managers and administrators in developing countries, and not insights from developed countries are not always transferable

Specifically, this special issue aims to 

  1. Highlight the precarious situation of higher education in developing countries.
  2. Capture and publish the latest thinking on higher education management in developing countries.
  3. Develop new constructs and measures that explain the variations and dynamics of higher education management in developing countries.
  4. Examine the changing and dynamic relationship between key stakeholders – government, funders, regulators, and the impact on higher education management in developing countries.
  5. Explore the prospects of internationalisation and changing business model transformation in higher education in response to significant disruptions and environmental challenges.

To achieve these objectives, we seek contributions that align with these key features:
Contributors: high-quality contributions from multiple perspectives, including management, pedagogy, marketing, and leadership from both academic and industry practitioners, 
Focus: submission that highlights effective management of the educational process, innovation in educational management across the spectrum, new initiatives, and best practice, with an international application
Methodology: Submissions adopting various methods, including surveys, applied research, field experiments, quantitative research, secondary data analytics, market research studies, and qualitative research (among others). 
Approaches: Empirical, analytical, or conceptual papers that create novel higher education management for managers in developing countries 
Countries: Insights from issues affecting higher education institutions, specifically in World-Bank Designated Developing Countries


List of Topic Areas:

  • Culture, leadership, and ability to adapt to change

  • Managing higher education with limited resources

  • Redefining and marketing the higher education market

  • Physical facilities and infrastructural development
  • International collaboration and partnership for higher education
  • Managing stakeholders (staff, funders, government, regulators, alumni, partners, media)
  • Managing technology innovation and adoption in higher education
  • Managing student assessment and engagement
  • Supporting disadvantaged students for inclusive teaching and learning
  • Physical, mental, financial, and digital wellbeing of students


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Key Deadlines:

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Closing date for manuscript submissions: 23 March 2023