Management and Strategy: paths, challenges, and perspectives for the Ibero-American development



The revolution in information and communication technologies, the increase in competitive pressures, and turmoil in the business environment in a globalized and fundamentally knowledge-based economy have impacted society, organizations, and their systems (Secundo et al., 2020). These changes are transforming the economy, markets, organizations, and businesses, posing new challenges and expanding several existing ones for scholars, professionals, and practitioners of strategy and management, particularly those focused on sustainability, value creation, and sustainable value (Clauß et al., 2022; Ritala et al., 2021). According to Gupta et al. (2019), it is necessary to rethink the current management paradigm and create strategies that are able to sustainably manage the production, distribution, marketing, and consumption of goods and services in our society. This is especially important in Ibero-American countries and companies – where business and sustainability are sometimes still not fully aligned. Moreover, the impact of these issues is highlighted in contexts of crisis (such as the COVID-19 pandemic), in which the need for survival for many organizations supersedes a perspective of value creation and sustainable growth.

This new reality places sustainability and value creation on center stage within the field of strategy, as the models and processes of strategic management and decision-making, are being reviewed to include the idiosyncrasies of the current social-economic reality. The next frontiers of organizational management lay in recognizing the role of sustainability and its management as a strategic resource and as an organizational asset responsible for creating and maintaining sustainable competitive advantages and value. 

We call for a greater understanding of the extent to which management and strategy could contribute to the generation of value and sustainability, and how management and strategy can boost the results, performance, and competitiveness of organizations and businesses. It is expected that this SI will encourage original investigations that, in a holistic and integrated way, address the role of management and strategy as a driver of value or sustainable development (economic, social, and environmental). In this sense, this SI invites academics, professionals, the public, and specialists in management, economics, and business to present studies and proposals on the themes of strategy and management (all areas, fields, and disciplines), helping build on our understanding of the subject and its relationships.

List of core issues and topic areas

The topics included in the SI should cover contributions in the Ibero-American context, including, but not limited to the following issues:

  • How to effectively link strategy to sustainable value creation in organizations (of all types, formats, and sizes), economies and businesses?
  • How do the different areas of Administration (accounting and finance, strategy, marketing, human resources, research and development, project management, operations, logistics and distribution, information systems and technologies, among others) contribute to sustainable value creation?
  • How does the interconnection between strategy and the different areas of administration effectively contribute to or drive the generation of sustainable value?
  • What practical actions and strategies can companies adopt (or are already adopting) to create value or manage in a more sustainable way?
  • How does strategy and management (all areas, fields, and disciplines) boost results, performance, and competitiveness in organizations?
  • To what extent management and strategy can contribute to the generation of value and/or sustainability in their different dimensions?
  • How do the dynamics of sustainable organizations evolve over time? To what extent does this evolution impact organizational performance, competitiveness, or value?
  •  How does the ambiguous and multidimensional nature of sustainability challenge its relationship to organizational value creation? To what extent do the idiosyncrasies of organizations, industries, regions, countries, and economic zones intensify such challenges?


Guest Editors

Ricardo Vinícius Dias Jordão,

Graduate Program of Business Administration at FPL, Brazil,

Swiss Management Center, Switzerland,

The Center for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics, CEFAGE-UE,Portugal,

[email protected]


Jorge Luís Casas Novas,

University of Évora and Center for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics - CEFAGE-UE, Portugal,

[email protected]


Remedios Hernández Linares,

University of Extremadura, Spain,

[email protected]


Eloisa Perez de-Toledo,

MacEwan University, Canada, [email protected]

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Key Deadlines

Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 15 March 2022
Closing date for manuscripts submissions: 15 December 2022