Journal of International Education in Business: call for special issue proposals

The Journal of International Education in Business is currently looking for special issue proposals.

The Journal of International Education in Business (JIEB) is a peer reviewed journal concerned with theoretical and pedagogic aspects of international education in business schools and its flow-on implications for the workplace.

The journal publishes papers that are concerned with:

  • international business education,
  • cross- and inter-cultural aspects of internationalisation,
  • internationalisation of business schools,
  • business school teaching and learning,
  • academic and social engagement of students,
  • recruitment and marketing of business education in international contexts,
  • quality processes with respect to internationalisation, and
  • global organisations as stakeholders of internationalisation
  • study abroad.

Examples of previous special issues include:

  • Best sustainability teaching practices
  • Stakeholder engagement in internationalisation of business schools. a research vision to be materialised
  • Technology Management in Business Education
  • Innovative Practices in Undergraduate Business Education Abroad
  • The student learning experience in Business

Trending topics for the journal right now:

  • Pedagogy and learning for financial and accounting literacy for business education
  • Learning communities, collaboration and reflection in business education
  • Digital learning environments for education in business
  • Pedagogical innovations and learning during and post COVID for education in business
  • Study abroad in business
  • DEI in education for business
  • Cross cultural and generational learning for education in business

If you would like to propose a special issue for this journal, please contact the Commissioning Editor Ciara Quinlan ([email protected])