Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Sustainability in Emerging Markets


The context of 21st century globalization has witnessed a radical shift towards an entrepreneurial and innovation economy. Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship largely impacted the sustainability of businesses across the country. Hence, it is the need of hours to explore, analyse and understand the complex interrelationship among innovation, entrepreneurship on business sustainability in emerging markets. Specifically, we need to enhance our understanding of how modern organisation in the rapidly changing world can harness the power of innovation and entrepreneurship for building sustainable and successful business.

This special issue brings new perspective of cases on innovation practices, entrepreneurship and sustainability in the context of emerging markets.

It contributes case studies related to innovation driven firm sustainability, social entrepreneurship, business sustainability during the time of crises, firm innovative practices for business sustainability etc. 

Although various case studies have been published on innovation and entrepreneurship, there is still a great paucity of cases on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in promoting business sustainability in emerging markets like India, Philippines, Brazil, UAE, Indonesia and Asian counties. Therefore, this special issue fills this gap by providing the real cases related to the recent phenomena of innovation, entrepreneurship and business sustainability in the perspective of emerging markets. 

The themes of this special issue include innovative practices related to marketing, finance, human resources management, operations, and IT etc.

Apart from these broad areas this special issue call for case studies on

  • Business failure and regenerative entrepreneurship
  • Managing Family business
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Community based collaborations and co-creation
  • Women entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainable management practices
  • Business sustainability during the crises time
  • Changing models of innovation and sustainability.

This special issue is hosted in partnership with OP Jindal University and the 3rd International Conference on the Role of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management for Sustainable Development (ICRIEMSD-2022). ICRIEMSD-2022 is organized in association with ICRA-AIMA, New Delhi, and will be held from November 25-26, 2022.

Submission Guidelines

In preparing cases, authors are asked to follow the standard EMCS Author Guidelines available from the dropdown menu at A submitted Case document should include primary data gathered from interviews with the protagonist, or well-sourced secondary data supporting the protagonist’s voice, be written in the past tense, be focused on a compelling management decision-making dilemma facing the protagonist, and have approximately eight single-spaced pages of narrative. The accompanying Teaching Note document should include well-crafted learning objectives, related assignment questions and comprehensive model answers, and a comprehensive 90-minute teaching plan. Templates, guides, and other author resources are available via the EMCS main webpage above.

To submit your case, first create an author account at, then follow the on-screen guidance. Please select ‘Innovation, Entrepreneurship and business sustainability in emerging markets’ when prompted to choose from issue options. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact the EMCS Publisher, Melissa Close at [email protected]

All cases will be double-blind peer-reviewed before acceptance.

Submission Deadlines:

Case Submission: 15th September, 2022