Festschrift for Michael Buckland



Celebrate the research career of Michael Buckland, an illustrious thinker in information science with a long career. Additionally, introduce and orient new readers and younger scholars to Buckland’s work, encouraging them to engage with and build upon his ideas. 

These aims will be met by seeking out a selection of papers commenting on and pointing to Buckland’s work from throughout the span of his career, as well as the editorial introduction.  


The Festschrift is a common format for aims such as ours. There has to date not been any Festschrift for Buckland’s work, despite his eminence. (For example, numerous papers of his were noted as all-time influential papers published in JASIST, the field’s leading journal). 


The publication of this special issue will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Document Academy in 2023. The Document Academy is a scholarly community co-founded by Buckland. 

Themes and Key Features

  • Document theory 
  • Information and documents in society 
  • Theory of library service and data curation 
  • History of librarianship, information management and cultural heritage 
  • Historiography in librarianship and information science 

Key Dates

Submissions open: 01/06/2022

Submissions close: 07/04/2023