Fashion Supply Chain Management during and after the COVID-19 Global Pandemic


Deadline for submissions 1 October 2021

The COVID-19 global outbreak has completely changed our daily lives and business environments. During COVID-19 outbreak, the fashion industry is facing great challenges from a storage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is directly related to fashion supply chain management. Moreover, due to the carousel of lockdowns, fashion companies were facing supply chain delays, factory and store closures, trade show and fashion week cancellations, sourcing and production postponement. All these comprise an unprecedented scenario that will be continuously affected by the second wave of the outbreaks and supply chain resilience until COVID-19 is completely combated.  Moreover, the textile related PPE such as gloves, medical masks, gowns are the sole solution to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep the healthcare workers on the pandemic’s frontlines safe.  This public healthcare crisis rings the bell that the fashion supply chain is critically important in terms of localization, responsiveness, and agility.

The purpose of this Special Issue (SI) on Fashion Supply Chain Management during and after COVID-19 Global Pandemic is to publish insights and viewpoints regarding solutions from fashion supply chain management to cope with the related challenges during and after COVID-19. The SI is open to researchers throughout the world that are interested in addressing the challenges and difficulties of fashion supply chain management during and after COVID-19.

Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management is a well-established and reputable fashion business journal with a long publishing history. It publishes both applied and theoretical articles that contribute to the field of fashion business. We invite submissions that present original and high-quality research works on fashion supply chain management during and after COVID-19. We consider submissions that introduce novel research problems and concepts, develop rigorous methodologies to tackle the problems, and propose innovative applications. Submissions can employ various research methods including, but not limited to, empirical, analytic modeling, theoretical investigation, data-driven methodologies, and simulation. Successful real-world implementation is strongly encouraged.

The topics to be discussed in this special issue include but are not limited the following:

  • Fashion supply chain agility during and after COVID-19
  • Innovative fashion business operational models during and after COVID-19
  • Quick response and resilience in fashion supply chains during and after COVID-19
  • Application and impact of new technologies in the fashion supply chain during and after COVID-19
  • Supply chain sustainability in fashion in a time of crisis
  • New innovation in the fashion supply chain after COVID-19
  • Marketing channels and strategies during and after coronavirus outbreak
  • Innovative operations management of using textile related PPE during COVID-19
  • Globalization and deglobalization in fashion supply chains after COVID-19
  • Real cases on innovative fashion supply chain models to cope with coronavirus outbreak


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